RENTON, Wash. — Doug Baldwin was predicated about what has been probably the most trying season of his NFL career the other day after he left exactly the type of frank acknowledgement that you don’t often hear from some qualified athlete.

The Seattle Seahawks‘ long time No. inch recipient immediately answered in the affirmative when asked when the harms he’s coped with — all them since the summer — have him feeling as though he is about the downside of his career.

“Oh, I’m on the drawback,” he said. “I’m 30 yrs of age “

Maybe so, but a reminder which Baldwin still has a lot of good football left two days later, when he caught a couple of first half touch down passes in Seattle’s loss to the sanfrancisco 49ers.

For the first one, he chose an over-the-shoulder grab with his arms outstretched on a floating pass out of Russell Wilson toward the rear corner of the end zone. The next one had a high degree of difficulty, with Baldwin leaping and twisting his body in midair to pluck a Wilson scramble throw before diving around the goal line through telephone.

The match might have never left it had been a fifth. On a third-and-15 play Seattle’s final possession of law, Wilson had Baldwin running open deep down the seam but rather stepped incomplete to David Moore near the sideline.

“I think that was a long time coming. We are working zealously attempting to receive my body . It’s merely been a practice. … I’m finally feeling like my normal self. I believe we identified tonight, before the match , we figured the previous element of making certain my body is staying healthy”

If this sounds familiar, it should.

Six days later Baldwin scored his first touchdown in Week 11 against Green Bay, Carroll said he was feeling the best he’d felt all season. To that point, Baldwin had missed a couple of training camp with a patellar accident in one knee and also two-and-a-half games once he hurt the MCL in his other knee in the opener, which snapped his series of 89 consecutive games played. Contrary to the Raiders at London at Week 6, he hyper-extended his knee and endured what he called a rest of his ulnar collateral ligament, which he’s been playing .

On your day Carroll announced Baldwin to be as healthy as he was, Baldwin hurt his groin in training. Injury No. 5 — that someone to his hip — came nine days later. He was competent to play Seattle’s first meeting from the 49ers but was inactive against Minnesota the following week.

“It’s been really difficult,” Carroll said of Baldwin’s year old. “For a man who lives with such high expectations and contains such a tremendous work ethic and only an remarkable strength about him, too, he just will not accept he can not go, can not play. He has broken the timeframes at every accident he’s had to get back only because he’s worked at it, needless to say.

“That was great to see that he have a large game and look so effective for us. It’s only been frustrating for him personally. He has not managed to get it going with the consequences he knows they can do and we understand they can perform, so it’s a major deal. It is possible to observe he and Russ were really hooking up and made some terrific plays [Sunday], important third downs and enormous plays and that. It’s very good to have him back in action”

The Seahawks (8-6) want Baldwin to stay for activity because they try to secure a wild-card berth on the growing season’s final 2 weeks. Only examine the gap in Wilson’s passing amounts with and without Baldwin this particular season. With Baldwin off the area, Wilson’s completion rate is more than 6.5 per cent worse, and his passer rating is almost 40 points lower.

But as Wilson put it, having Baldwin”makes a enormous gap” for Seattle’s offense. That is correct even though he is having among their very productive seasons of his career, together with 41 catches for 465 yards and 4 touchdowns, most which he’s scored the previous four games.

“He is a playmaker, and we’ve played so much ball together,” Wilson stated. “He is among my favorite guys to play with just because he is a rival. He knows the way to do everything . He is smart as it gets. He is as talented as it receives “

And he expects he is finally healthy.

Baldwin struck a cautiously optimistic note in this respect.

“I felt like myself,” Baldwin said of Sunday’s match. “My body is beginning to answer the procedure, and hopefully it stays that way. I have to give a great deal of charge to the training team. They will have been working together for over four weeks currently trying to receive my body , so I’m just grateful to be feeling good “


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