“A lot of it’s simply getting our border and also a chip on our shoulder,” Curry said after Wednesday night’s 108-103 loss to the Utah Jazz. “Having that vibe whenever you walk on the floor like we all know what we’re planning to do. At this time, we’re still thinking a little bit and trying to work out it but we’re close. We’re close and obviously you would like to remain healthier and that is the biggest part of trying to continue to create momentum, night in, night out what we can get when we’re available on the floor.”

Last year, the Warriors didn’t lose their 11th match until a Jan. 30 loss against the match.

“We are very close,” Curry explained. It’s just the perimeter of mistake is only a bit smaller in 2013, but we understand that. [We] continue to get everybody’s best shot against us, and it’s been a mill. Nothing familiar in it position we’re in, with respect to like — you would like to get back to being dominant. That is what we’re working toward.

“We are going to continue to get that chemistry, playing Warrior basketball we all know how to play. Annually we’ve mentioned this. Every year’s different. Every year’s planning to get different challenges and present a different journey. But at the close of your afternoon we know what kind of team we’re. I believe we’re all bought in from what it is going to try redefine that dominance.”

According to ESPN Stats and Information, this is the first loss the Warriors have ever had in which Durant and Curry both scored at least 30 points. Curry scored Durant and 32 points scored 30. The Warriors are currently 9 1 alltime in those matches, which contains the game play.

The Warriors came into the game averaging 27.9 aids a video game, but managed just 18 aids on Wednesday night. Durant considers that is due to the simple fact that teams are hitting the Warriors only a little differently this season.

“They’re attempting to sell out to stop us ,” Durant said, referring to himself,” Curry and Thompson. “Thus if we pass the ball to somebody. The ball is not likely to be flying when you’re playing a fantastic defensive team like that. Folks are starting to grab upto — just needs to plan for us only a little bit longer. So I know that people would like that ball moving. You want to get 30 aids and 300 passes, but a few matches like tonight it is not likely to be that way. However, we still had a chance to win. That is why I said we could play in either case .”

Like his teammates, Green said he remains confident that better days are ahead of the Warriors. He explained he believes the main reason why that the team has struggled earlier in the season than it’s in the past could be because of injuries. Specifically, Curry has missed 12 games, and Green has overlooked 15.

“I believe it’s hard to get traction when you’ve got guys that have missed matches like we’ve got,” Green explained. “However, I like how we competed tonight. Shots did not fall like that they normally do. We missed a few layups. … If we can keep on to put out that attempt, that defensive attempt, our crime obviously is going to be better. Before you know it we’ll run off some wins. Therefore we’re all good.”


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