A Hawaii tv channel has got what’s apparently a graphic video from the night by which Rachael Ostovich’s husband Arnold Berdon supposedly assaulted her.

Hawaii News Now published a part Friday which contained clips from just what the channel said is a 10-minute video captured by a witness on a mobile phone, that started recording in the dark. From the video, Berdon supposedly can be seen threatening to kill Ostovich and, later, a nude Ostovich may be seen escaping their home down a veranda.

“I’m going to kill you” Berdon supposedly might be heard saying. “rsquo & I;m going to f*cking murder you. ”

Berdon, 27, is confronting a second-degree assault charge, a felony, in Honolulu Circuit Court coming from the alleged attack in the early morning hours of Nov. 18. He pleaded not guilty at an arraignment Thursday and has gone going on a $75,000 bond. Ostovich has been awarded a temporary restraining order against Berdon and has filed for divorce. The other day, Berdon was indicted by a grand jury.

Initially, Berdon was arrested last month on a charge of murderthat was subsequently reduced. Hawaii News reported that attempted murder criticism produced by Honolulu authorities was based on information from the video.

Ostovich wrote in her petition for the controlling order that Berdon struck her ldquo;differently on the head, face, ribs,” adding she coughed up blood and threw up a few times. She wrote this wasn’t the first episode of domestic abuse.

Berdon’s attorney Myles Breiner told Hawaii News Now that Berdon is moving right through a national violence course and also the couple is concentrating in their kid, who visits with Berdon twice per week with supervision. He wouldn’t discuss the video which was surfaced, though it was reported it was received by him . Breiner maintained an attempted murder charge would have been a lot.

“You’ll find instances if they over reach and this is one of the,&rdquo. “Arnold Berdon and his wife had a connection. The facial skin that DV officials or urges desire something is neither here nor there. Theyrsquo;re not the lawyers which need to try the case. ”

Ostovich, 27, was cleared after a followup with doctors to struggle Paige VanZant on the very first UFC on ESPN+ card Jan. 1-9 in Brooklyn. Ostovich told KHON she wished to remain in the struggle to ldquo;choose a standalone. ”

“Although this is a really difficult time for me and my family, I felt this fight in January was essential,” Ostovich said. “I felt that it was vitally important to me personally to follow along with it not for mepersonally, but first for my own daughter and others which may be going through similar scenarios. I would like to take a stand against domestic violence and show the others who it’s OK to emerge and discuss it and also not be quieted.

“” I feel as if I must do this. Here is something which can’t be taken away from me. I would like to apply this big, worldwide UFC platform to show individuals who, don’t let anything or anyone come between you and your dreams as well as your career. ”


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