A Brazilian jiu jitsu legend might be in hot water with regulations.

A written report has been taken and the evaluation is ongoing, Wyatt stated. The circumstance, which took place at Anaheim Convention Center, have not yet been presented to the district attorney for virtually any filing of criminal charges,” he said.

A video surfaced this week seemingly showing Gracie land a barbell to Almeida’s face throughout a discussion while both men were looking at direction of grapplers over the mats. It’so difficult to tell by the video what triumphed earlier or after the apparent attack.

Ralph Gracie did not respond a petition comments.

Almeidathe brother of top MMA trainer Ricardo Almeida, can be the executive with Gracie Barra. The organization released an announcement that week social media about the episode.

“As you might be aware, whilst training at the World No-Gi Championships, Flavio was viciously assaulted,” the statement read. “The strike was utterly surprise, was unprovoked and did not allow Flavio a chance to safeguard himself. It had been clear that the attack was supposed to hurt Flavio personally, also to intimidate Gracie Barra. The police may take place and are investigating. Flavio’s doctors have advised him to take time to break with this particular family and cure his injuries under their maintenance, and also to resume work when he is able. We appreciate your anxiety. We’ll address this example further whenever the time is suitable. ”

Ricardo Almeida, that coaches famous brands Frankie Edgar, Eddie Alvarez and others, composed on Insta-gram that his brother is currently “under medical attention. ”

“Once in a life something happens which allow you to wonder the very base of that which you imagine in. ” Almeida composed. “… I feel dizzy, betrayed and helpless. Thanks to everyone who reached out asking about my brother Flavio,” he is regaining under medical attention. ”

Ralph Gracie, 4-7, did not answer a request comment in MMA Fighting. He’s not fought in MMA since Pride Bushido 3 in 2004, but had been expected to produce a return to starters Championship next calendar year.


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