BEREA, Ohio — With every triumph, Gregg Williams assembles his case to keep whilst the Cleveland Browns‘ head coach.

With every touch down pass Baker Mayfield yells, Freddie Kitchens assembles his case to keep as the team’s offensive coordinator, together with some fans and analysts lobbying to include Kitchens on the list of head-coaching chances.

Even the Browns, though, are headed to a coaching search after the season ends. General manager John Dorsey isn’t commenting publicly about his applicants, however no doubt has received an inventory of candidates for years, and he did say he’d interview Williams.

The typical other names appear. John Harbaugh, in case he parts ways with the Baltimore Ravens. Bruce Arians, in case the Browns deem him a fantastic candidate. Mike McCarthy, that had been in Green Bay with Dorsey, Alonzo Highsmith along with Eliot Wolf. Lincoln Riley, Mayfield’s college coach at Oklahoma. Dave Toub, assistant head coach along with special-teams coach with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The general idea is the fact that the Browns will probably soon be looking for the next Sean McVay or Matt Nagy — a new, offensive-minded coach who might incorporate components of this college game into the Browns’ crime, some thing Kitchens already has been doing.

Where does Williams stand? With every triumph, his argument makes stronger. If the Browns win outside, then a 6-2 finish could be really difficult to discount. A 53 record would speak loudly too.

Williams voluntarily admits he loves coaching and loves coaching this team, however he’s perhaps not getting into being hired permanently except to concede he will interview for this position.

“In all honesty, I don’t believe it is reasonable to the players or to anyone ,” Williams explained.

There’s absolutely not any wonder the Browns really are a different team as Williams took over. He has taken control of this side line, time management have never been an issue and the Browns believe in his approach, that is epitomized by his attitude toward expecting people to be on time.

“If individuals are not on time, maybe it is as a result of one of two things that I tell these guys: Either it is not crucial to you or you think you might be more critical than everyone,” Williams explained. “That does not work in this league. ”

Under Williams, the Browns have a chance to finish with a winning record for the first time as 2007, with a winning record in the AFC North for the first time since the division was made in 2002 and with a sweep of a division opponent (the Bengals, in case the Browns beat Cincinnati at home on Sunday) for the first time since 2002.

His attention to detail also has been impressive. In Denver, when he travelled for the first down on fourth up one with 1:53 left, Williams told Nick Chubb to obtain the down first and reunite, to score. Having a knee before the end zone would have let the Browns to go out the clock as the Broncos had no time outs left.

“I won’t ever apologize; I love to triumph,” Williams explained.

Kitchens was a from-nowhere decision to function as the coordinator, but under his leadership, Mayfield has flourished. Every one Mayfield’s amounts are better in the six games Kitchens has predicted plays. The rookie signal caller’s completion percentage has increased from 58.3 to 71.8, his yards per attempt has climbed from 6.59 to 8.66 along with his QB rating has jumped from 78.9 to 111.1.

Kitchens wasn’t even hired by Williams.

“I probably wasn’t Gregg’s first choice,” Kitchens stated. “But I’m . And he wasn’t mine . ”

Yes, it is Kitchens’ sense of comedy on the job. Though he admits his goal has been to be a head coach, he won’t even campaign for any job.

“I’m pretty acute when I tell you I don’t advertise for occupations,” Kitchens stated. “I don’t even have to, and that I won’t . I heard the other day somebody said something about that I wasn’t even ready for a head coach. Who the hell is about to be a head coach? You own a résumé that you just check off the list as well as all?

“& I ’m not worried about head coach, coordinator. I don’t even attention. I’m trying to do the job that I’m doing at the moment, today, and then do a fantastic job tomorrow and then the next day. I’ll see where I’m at the finish of the season. ”

There is much to consider with the hire — and with the direction. In case Dorsey hires a offensive coach, that new coach may want to coordinate with the crime and telephone plays. It’s too tough to find any instruction hire perhaps not wanting to select his own coordinators. The exceptions to that may be a veteran coach such as Harbaugh or Arians, who has made it plain and clear he’d walk to Cleveland to train the Browns. (Arians has told NFL Network that he’d keep Kitchens).

Given each of the questions to answer and given the puzzle to resolve, running an internet search seems the logical way to go.

Williams and Kitchens is going to soon be a portion of this search. They have two more games to burnish those résumés.


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