By Tim Royner: Promoter Eddie Hearn says he’s hoping to match unified cruiserweight Oleksander Usyk Using the winner or Failure with This Saturday’s fight between Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora, Andre Ward or Even Carlos Takam for a fight in April of 2019. Hearn is trying to supply the unbeaten 31-year-old Usyk (16-0, 12 KOs) a big push to increase his popularity in a rush globally, but particularly in the UK so that he is able to match him against Anthony Joshua in 2019 or 2020. This ’so the fight that Hearn defectively wishes to create.

Whyte or Chisora would obviously be forfeited in confronting Usyk, and likely designed to look ridiculous in losing to him in a onesided struggle.

“Usyk might fight with the winner or failure of [Whyte vs Chisora],” Matchroom Boxing promoter Hearn believed to Could [Usyk] mix it with the big boys? That’s the fascination.

Predicated how Usyk looked against Tony Bellew past November, you would have to say that he’s incapable of mixing it up with the big boys. After moving up from cruiserweight, Bellew wasn’T-One of the larger heavy weights, but he still gave Usyk a lot of issues. Granted, the struggle between them occurred at cruiserweight and perhaps not heavy weight, but Usyk still looked very beatable. He also looked beatable from the World Series of Boxing against Joe Joyce in 2013. Some fans look at the struggle and say it was an easy game for Usyk against a thin 230 pound Joyce however it didn’t even look this manner tot his writer. Usyk took substantial punishment, and was exhausted and reddened from the facearea. 2012 Olympic gold medalist Usyk hasn’t improved since the Joyce struggle, therefore it is reasonable to assume that he would be beaten by a number of the larger volatility contenders from the branch like Whyte, Luis Ortiz, Joyce, Deontay Wilder along with Anthony Joshua. You couldn’t even rule out Usyk losing to the hard punching contenders like Adam Kownacki, Jarrell Miller and Alexander Povetkin, to mention only afew.

Together with Hearn in a huge hurry to put Usyk in with Joyce, the boxing people won’t ever get a chance to determine perhaps the Ukrainian fighter is actually just a fantastic fighter or perhaps not before he encounters A J. Hearn is going to create that struggle as quickly as you can, and it’s easy to understand why. He also doesn’t even want Usyk to become vulnerable before he sells a struggle between him Joyce to the boxing people. In case Hearn waited a year or two before matching Usyk against Joshua, the fans would see the limits of his game and wouldn’t even be interested in paying to watch him struggle A J.

“no one really knows just how good Usyk truly is going to soon be in heavy weight. We understand he will be good,” Hearn said in Usyk.

We know that Usyk is a fantastic cruiserweight, however we don’t even understand if they will fight guys that outweigh him by 30 to 100 lbs. Usyk is basically another Agit Kabayel type heavy weight. He’s even much more skilled than Kabayel, however, he moves to a much, and he lacks power. This ’s definitely going to be a issue, both in their own capacity to win and to amuse the masses. In Usyk’s two fights from the U.S against Michael Hunter and Thabiso Mchunu, he was booed occasionally for spending so much time running around the ring, and not fighting. American boxing fans want to see activity, and Usyk as only boxing and making it hard on your eyes. Hunter forced Usyk to struggle, and he chose to proceed and stay away from him. Against Mchunu, Usyk treated him like a KO artist instead of a tiny 5’11” fighter free of punching strength. The image of this much larger 6’& 3 Prime; Usyk running from Mchunu looked strange in the view of a whole lot of the U.S boxing fans that were in ringside on the night, and perhaps not surprisingly they booed him.

IBF/WBA/WBO heavy weight champion Joshua (22-0, 21 KOs) is going to soon be ringside for your struggle, as there’SA fantastic possibility that he’ll be fighting with the winner of this contest.

Usyk would like to go up to heavyweight to face Joshua, and unify the branch before retiring from boxing. Most fans don’t even believe that Usyk will retire whenever he can meet his dream of unifying the branch. With the amount of money he’ll earn rematches against Joshua and Deontay Wilder, it’d be crazy for him to walk away.

Hearn often will setup a fight between Usyk and the 38-year-old Takam, however, ’s no major struggle. Takam is a fringe competition. Getting him to consent to a struggle Usyk will probably be however it won’t even be easy for Hearn to enlist Whyte or Chisora for the job, as neither of them would probably relish the job of handling his movement. Takam wouldn’t even be the perfect opponent for Usyk, believing that he’s lost two in a row recently from knock out declines to Chisora and Joshua. Usyk wouldn’t even get credit for beating Takam at the moment, and I think that it might irritate him enough not to select the struggle in the first location.

The struggle that Hearn would really like for Usyk is against Andre Ward in cruiserweight. Hearn doesn’t even sound optimistic in making the struggle. It would probably take a large amount of money for Ward to come out of retirement to proceed upto cruiserweight to fight the unbeaten Usyk due to his four names. Without Usyk being popular yet within the UK, it’d probably have plenty of money from Matchroom Boxing to make the fight happen. With the amount of money that Ward would likely want to your struggle, it’so hard to assume Usyk having an even split of this purse. He may want to let Ward choose the lion’s share of the sum to get the fight happen. Would Usyk be fine for this? Not likely.

Of the four potential opponents that Hearn is referring to wanting to match Usyk in April 2019, Carlos Takam has to be viewed as the very realistic of this four. Even if Whyte falls to Chisora this weekend, he’s definitely going to want to have a struggle Usyk in his next time out. Which usually means the boxing world will visit Whyte steering clear of Usyk and as an alternative confronting guys like Ivica Bacurin, Malcolm Tann and Dave Allen.


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