OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Leading up to the draft, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg along with his team devised a plan for the way Baltimore Ravens‘ attack would change if the team selected Lamar Jackson.

Little did anyone know that this would soon cause probably the greatest philosophical switch at Mid Season in NFL history.

With the strong-armed Joe Flacco, the Ravens threw the ball more than any team from the league. Since switching to Jackson in Week 11, Baltimore is setting up rushing numbers which haven’t been seen in over four years, faking out defenders with option plays punishing them with run after run.

In the event the extreme transformation was not impressive enough, the Ravens reversed their identity in one week, then going from a traditional dropback passing team to one that currently could lineup in a inverted wishbone.

“Usually to do exactly what ’s been achieved would be basically impossible — with the exception of the simple fact we’ve already built into our offense,” coach John Harbaugh said. “We were all also working the blocking strategies all together in training, in training camp and that. But I think it’s so pretty notable and very notable our players and coaches have been able to do this”

While Flacco threw a league-high 379 days from the first nine games, the Ravens found creative ways to keep Jackson involved, using him in a small number of plays each match. After Flacco suffered a hip injury on Nov. 4, the Ravens went in on Jackson and a run-dominated game program that meant going deeper in the rookie first-round pick’s section of the Play Book and dusting off several plays which hadn’t been practiced since training camp.

There was no grand announcement in virtually any meetings which Baltimore was causing this radical change. Knowing the different skill sets of Flacco and Jackson, the players weren’t amazed if they installed the heavy amount of conducting plays that week, which were very well-received.

“Everybody else was like,’OK, let’s perform so,'” centre Matt Skura said. “There clearly was a collective agreement”

To put into perspective how dominating the Ravens have been running on the ball, ESPN Stats & Information extrapolated the five games with Jackson because the newcomer over a full year:

Whilst the Ravens view this, the transition into your new-look offense was a struggle for them. However, it has turned into a larger adjustment for defenses hoping to determine a kind of offense that is often seen at Navy in the place of the NFL.

“With Joe Flacco, he just stands back there and isn’t very portable, but he throws the ball hard. This person [Jackson] is very inconsistent with”‘

The foundation of the offense can be traced back to Colin Kaepernick’s days with the sanfrancisco 49ers. Ravens assistant Greg Roman, who was the 49ers’ offensive coordinator at that moment, has placed Jackson at the pistol formation (quarterback lines closer to the centre compared to the shot gun and the running sets up behind the quarterback) like Kaepernick.

From there, the Ravens can strike defenses in a great number of ways, including a inverted wishbone, where Jackson is evidenced by 2 tight ends and a running back lines him up. Additionally, it is sometimes a dizzying three hours to get defenses simply to locate the ball with the amount of alternative recharges, moves (wide receivers will proceed across the formation and will get the ball be applied as pulling blockers) and misdirections (offensive linemen will obstruct one direction and Jackson will run with the ball the opposite way).

“It only got us out of the rhythm. You’ve got to give credit”

The Ravens do not see their offense under Jackson as a fad like the Wildcat, that was invisibly and faded away after a season once defenses figured out it. The conduct options have proven effective with time and are essentially the same principles which Harbaugh’s dad, Jack, ” used.

1 reasons Baltimore is so successful is the numbers match. With your average NFL offense, defenses do not need to await the quarter back from the running game. With Jackson being the Ravens’ most volatile playmaker, guards need to play 11-on-11.

Another variable is deception. On a given play, defenders don’t know if Jackson is going to hand the ball off to a running back, turn it to your wide receiver on a jet dispenser or maintain himself.

The doubt keeps an defense on its heels. If Jackson chooses the snap and may hand the ball off or maintain it, you can see the linebackers wait since they don’t really understand whether to wreck down on the middle or put the edge.

“When you can establish the interior jog, the perimeter offense, all the whistles and bells with Jackson, theyrsquo;r e very hard to shield,” Raiders coach Jon Gruden said. “You’ve must block the interior run, or you have no opportunity to stop everything else”

The Ravens were unstoppable in conducting the ball sooner this year.

In overhauling the offense with Jackson, the Ravens have run the ball will.

With this change, the Ravens do not find themselves as turning the clock back as much as providing their best path to victory at the present.

“It’s tough to avoid that for an entire game as it’s implemented well with physicality. And, that our guys do this, and now I ’damn so proud of them for this, and this ’s how we’re playing football at the moment.”


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