Carolina Panthers basic safety Eric Reid says he has been fined more than $20,000 by the NFL to get a sideline undertake in Monday night’s 12-9 loss into the saints .

Reid disclosed the nice Friday in an tweet which revealed that a video of the drama also called it legal, noting it had not drawn a flag.

The obvious nice extends a theme for Reid, who has indicated the NFL is targeting him due to his collusion grievance against the group.

The grievance was filed in May by the NFL Players Association on Reid’s behalf, alleging team owners and the league, influenced by President donaldtrump, colluded to forbid Reid’s employment due to his protests against social chaos during the pregame national anthem.

He put”random” in quotes.

Reid’s attorney and the NFLPA, sources told ESPN, are looking at the matter. According to the collective bargaining agreement, NFLPA and both the NFL aren’t involved from the testing. It is performed by an independent lab.

Reid, the first player to combine former San Francisco 49ers quarterback colinkaepernick in kneeling throughout the anthem, continues to pursue the grievance. He also continues to kneel throughout the anthem.

Reid’s grievance is scheduled to be heard after the season. While there isn’t a great deal they can say today, Reid made it clear his and his representatives are”taking notes” about everything that’s happened the last couple of months.

Reid has also been fined $10,000 for his unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Philadelphia tight end Zach Ertz; even $10,000 for popular on Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger that resulted in his ejection, that Reid and Panthers trainer Ron Rivera said was unwarranted; along with almost $27,000 for his struck to a defenseless player (Tampa Bay’s Adam Humphries).

Reid’s ok for the Ertz penalty was rescinded by the league after a charm. Ertz, that was called to get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the drama, was not fined. Reid still is waiting to listen to the upshot of both of the other appeals.

Info from ESPN’s David Newton was found in this report.


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