was eager to conquer rivals with a big enough margin so that ’s disqualification from sixth place in Monza — that created a 10-point swing involving the Enstone team — had no affect the results.

In the end the gap between them was 29 points.

Somewhat, also outscored the combined total of and Running Point Force from 122 to 111.

“There is absolutely no question how can you add up the points of Force or ? It’s a transparent P 4.

“But it was not just a simple time, from that. On several occasions we did not have the fourth most useful car, which has been sure. Therefore I would like really to give credit to this race group, including the drivers, who did a remarkable job.

“I really do genuinely believe that had a faster car, however it’s not only how your source your automobile, it is the way you operate it, and again that’s why I desire to say those words relating to our race team and drivers.

“On most occasions we had our backs to the walls, needing to take care of some issues while inside the garage, on plan, dealing with all the tyre situation .

“And on most occasions it was difficult, however we’ve shown some resilience, and complete we’ve managed to find that position, that has been our vision to get this particular year.

“Obviously it is not our Long-term vision, but it has to be a intermediate milestone.”

Abiteboul declared that the next step — challenging the top few teams — will soon be an arduous one.

“Today we need to aim higher. We’re aware that there exists a universe between where we are and where you want to become. This just gives us more energy to work much harder over winter.”

He also acknowledged the importance of the loss in RedBull Racing as a benchmark in 20-19, however, insisted that courses have been completely learned.

“It’s accurate, that’s why I wanted to own this sort of customer team with us to the past few decades, the initial few decades of our construction. It allowed me to prevent having any kind of finger pointing between both chassis and engine.

“Due to RedBull we knew clearly what the engine was capable of, because of its good and for the bad, but now I think we’ve got enough maturity to realize that all of us need to advance “

Cyril Abiteboul, Renault Sport F1 Managing Director on the pit wall gantry


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