“I might have chosen several issues because we don’t live in an ideal world but this is actually the one that I believed most compelled to place on my shoulders”

Vincent Kompany was a figure head at since his arrival at the club ten decades ago, captaining them to three names.

The Belgian, 3 2, has vowed to help address the issue of homelessness in the city he’s called home since 2008.

Earlier this year he set up’Tackle4MCR’ using Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham in an attempt to inspire social change within the region and will even donate all profits from his paychecks match next year to Manchester’s homeless.

“It’s undeniable – worldwide, England, that the whole of the UK, is well-off,” he said.

“And in this section of world, for it to be possible, it’s actually quite shameful.

“But problems happen – of course, if we have enough solidarity we could perhaps change matters later on “

Kompany, whose wife is out of Manchester, said that the homelessness issue became better when City’s training ground moved from the outskirts of Manchester to the complex around the Etihad Stadium in the east of this city.

“It’s another thing if you reside in the outskirts and you also never view itif you live in the exact middle of it and you also visit it every day,” he said.

“We are very closely linked to one another irrespective of how much disparity there’s actually wealth.

“We live in exactly the exact same environmentthe identical area, and in case people have the capacity to help, they need to take action.

“Clearly I do it to help those that want it.

“However, I also do it for the kids, so they can mature within a region where they can be proud of how people act.

“I think we now are living such a egotistical world – it’s all about guys hoping to get on top by assaulting one other person with populist rhetoric plus it’s so easy now with interpersonal networking to always build a divide and reach top.

“It’s a whole lot more difficult to bring people together to accomplish something tangible and something which brings us closer”


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