Ryan Bader has got the possibility to become the first fighter to ever hold multiple Bellator belts simultaneously on Jan. 26 if he encounters Fedor Emelianenko for the vacant heavyweight title in LosAngeles. For his trainer Jair Lourencoit’s a chance to generate history.

Lourenco, the pioneer of staff Kimura at Natal, Brazil, transferred to Arizona to trainer Bader back in 2016, shortly afterwards Bader’s win over Ilir Latifi.

“But afterwards I got to know him as a individual as an athlete and I watched how hard he pushes and handles himself, I watched he might possibly be a terrific winner. He’s very distinct because he wants to train. I really believe he’s what required to keep on on the winning track and also receive more amazing results because he works extremely hard. ”

Lourenco has already reached the cap of the world as a trainer before, training Renan Barao since his first MMA fights until he turned into the UFC bantamweight king with a 32-1 record. Lourenco says he could ’t compare both achievements, but points out that Bader winning numerous titles in Bellator “will be perfect for my own career. ”

In the semifinal, his first time competing against a true heavyweight, Bader dominated Matt Mitrione to get a quarter hour.

On the other side of this mount, Emelianenko knocked out both Frank Mir along with Chael Sonnen to Get a place in the past.

Baders weighed against 225 and 229 pounds for his previous bouts, respectively, and Lourenco says Bader won’t get any thicker than 232 pounds for his name bout with Emelianenko since speed is just one of those keys to victory.

”s ’s definitely going to be a fight between true champions,” Lourenco explained. “They’re both skilled fighters. Many individuals discusses Bader being younger and all that, like he’s in his 20’sbut he’S35. The thing is, he’s a athlete and handles himself. They both hit hard and possess high-level grappling. It’s going to be a highlevel fight and, the longer it happens, the better for Bader because of his conditioning. He does well in five-round fights.

”& We ’re thinking about putting pressure early onto induce Fedor to just work at a higher pace since first,” he lasted. “We shall fight to submit him or knock him out, attacking the whole period, full tension, for five rounds. I presume that’s exactly the path. You can’t let Fedor be too comfortable in the fight. ”

Emelianenko faced Sonnen at the semifinal and scored the knockout in the first round, but the Oregon native had his minutes in the fight. For Lourenco, that clash revealed them “something,” although Sonnen lost.

”” I expected Fedor to conquer Chael Sonnen by knock out,” Lourenco explained. “When (Chael) had better time in his striking (he might have won), (but) I think he’s a little nervous and respected Fedor a lot of inside the cage. Fedor has to be admired, constantly, however you can’t honor him if you’re fighting himyou must manage him ’s anyone else. ”

Respecting your competitions abilities is one thing, Lourenco says, but giving him too much esteem can play against you on fight night. According to the trainer, this ’therefore they refereed to Lawal as “King Mo” inside the fitness center resulting in their quarter final bout.

”Fedor is just really a boxer that everyone has looked upto at some point as coaches, trying to find things to evolve, however, you can’t honor him like Chael Sonnen failed,” Lourenco explained. “[Sonnen] was too worried. That’s what I thought. Bader will feel good. This is a huge fight, which ’s the moment he was longing for, and he’ll be happy on fight night. ”

Ryan Bader and also Fedor Emelianenko will collide to get the empty heavyweight championship in 20-19. Bellator


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