Sauber C37 fins

Sauber C37 fins

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Sauber converged to the increased upper suspension wishbone pick-up that individuals ’d seen Mercedes and Toro Rosso leader in 2017. But it cooked up something more aggressive in Hinwil, installing vertical fences throughout the wishbone shroud to further help guide the warmth (arrows). Enamoured with all the plan concept, Mercedes later followed suit too.

Sauber C37 heating inlets

Sauber C37 cooling inlets

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Without a doubt about this, the sidepod design used by Ferrari at 2017 had an affect design teams up and down the paddock, with at least three other teams fielding a similar way in 2018. But while the rest of the teams ponderously continued using their more conventional designs, Sauber functioned as aggressive as its budget would allow, splitting their sidepod inlet into 2, one at the more conventional position and one other mounted atop.

Sauber C37 using flo-viz paint

Sauber C37 with flo-viz paint

Photo by: Mark Sutton

Correlation work being conducted by the team during the pre season evaluation, because it slathers one particular side of the vehicle in flo-viz and one other had a kiel probe selection installed on it.

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Photo by: Andrew Hone / / LAT Pictures

More significance work, this time more focused on the rear of the car.

Sauber C37 front wing detail

Sauber C37 front wing detail

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The team used these arrows over different elements of their front wing, in combination with some hi-speed camera, to assess just how much deflection was taking place.

Antonio Giovinazzi, Sauber C37

Antonio Giovinazzi, Sauber C37

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Photo by: Joe Portlock / / LAT Pictures

Flo-viz is placed on the front brake duct in the overburdened evaluation at Barcelona as the team looked for improvements.

Sauber C37 detail

Sauber C37 detail

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Photo by: Franco Nugnes

A view in the C37’therefore nose-cone shows us the way that airflow is transported from the underside of the nose to the surface.

Sauber C37 axle detail

Sauber C37 axle detail

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A closeup of front wheel demonstrates the way the team has set a blown off axle, likely owing to the newfound technical cooperation with Alfa Romeo and Ferrari.

Sauber C37 diffuser

Sauber C37 diffuser

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The c-37 featured a complex pile of winglets from the outboard section (inset), much like previous Ferrari layouts , up until Monaco as it was overshadowed by these C-shaped replacements.

Sauber C37 floor detail

Sauber C37 floor detail

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Check out the ground area prior to the rear tyre on the c-37, which comprises this angled strake (red arrow) that will drive flow across the surface of the tyre.

Sauber C37 added fins in French GP

Sauber C37 additional fins at French GP

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The team added some additional winglets to front upper corner of front brake duct at the French GP (inset).

Sauber C37 facet side

Sauber C37 detail side

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A closeup of this revised sidepod settings, which saw that the lower bodywork tightened and also the upper inlet attracted forwards.

Sauber C37 floor

Sauber C37 floor

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As part of the sweeping upgrade package the team revised not only the sidepods but also the aerodynamic surfaces ahead and round them. A new boomerang winglet (blue arrow) was hung from the face of the chassis, in order to guide the flow across the sidepods, while a new splitter extension, complete with five slots at the leading edge was then installed. This complimented the strakes which were installed on the floors edge, since the designers look to quell the noodle wake obtained by these and improve flow to the diffuser down stream.

Sauber C37 Back detail

Sauber C37 rear detail

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A closeup of this high down force rear wing utilized in the Allied GP, note that the six caked style louvres from the end plate which help to disperse the vortex generated when running such a configuration.

Sauber C37 rear winglets detail

Sauber C37 rear winglets detail

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This image from the GP indicates the rather awesome crash arrangement winglets that seemed on the face of this C37.

Sauber C37 diffuser detail

Sauber C37 diffuser detail

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Sauber sort of went its own way in regards to the outer area of this diffuser, picking for those upwardly turned flaps that look to improve the pressure gradient, accentuating the outboard segments return. It’therefore very similar to some design that we saw Ferrari usage in years gone by and is probably down to the influence of Simone Resta who heads the technical section, having switched from Ferrari. You’ll note that the detail changes which were made (inset), with the debut of the slot to the inner flap.

Sauber C37 diffuser detail

Sauber C37 diffuser detail

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The latest iteration diffuser was initially tested at Sochi, at which the team utilised a non-stick coating on the upper surface of the diffuser, reducing the opportunity of tyre debris getting caught up on it and affecting the flow over the surface.

Sauber C37 floor

Sauber C37 floor

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The non-stick coating has been applied to the ground prior to the rear too, as leak finishes in this region is particularly sensitive.

Sauber C-39 bargeboads contrast

Sauber C39 bargeboads comparison

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Continuing a push into the season, the team introduced new parts from Russia, because it looked to improve flow across the sidepods. Even the boomerang winglet was bonded to the top surface of the bargeboard, shifting the flow which moves by, making better use of this recent upgrade that saw three downwash winglets getting hung from the face of the staircase, as opposed to just one (blue arrow).

Charles Leclerc, Alfa Romeo Sauber C37

Charles Leclerc, Alfa Romeo Sauber C37

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Photo by: Jerry Andre / / Sutton Images

A fantastic top-down breakdown of the c-37 shows off the way the team has drawn on inspiration out of the rest of the field whilst additionally displaying plenty of design flair in their own.

Sauber C37 in Pitlane

Sauber C37 in pit lane

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Check out the expansive heating used at the rear of this c-37 at Mexico that helped to keep temperatures in check at the high elevation circuit.


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