A MMA fight between decorated grappler Gabi Garcia and kickboxing talent Barbara Nepomuceno has been around for decades, since Nepomuceno and her team first criticized Garcia and her competitors in Rizin.

But it’s not coming without its fair share of controversy.

Nepomuceno signed the Rizin bout agreement to fight Garcia days before competing for his WGP name in kick boxing on Nov. 2-4 in a rematch against Val Stanski, who defeated Nepomuceno weeks earlier because of knee injury. As fate would have it, in the rematch, Nepomuceno wounded her other knee and left the ring.

Days after, Rizin declared Garcia vs. Nepomuceno for Dec. 31 in Saitama, Japan. Nepomuceno told MMA Struggling that she had been expecting to be 100 percent healthy over time because of her MMA introduction, however Garcia isn’t fully convinced that her opponent’so injury was that awful in the first location.

Your afternoon following the kickboxing bout, Garcia tweeted that she had been convinced that Nepomuceno “was ok”, adding that the kick-boxer is “just a quitter” and can be “a lion once she wins and also a kitty after she’hence losing the fight. ”

”When I heard she got wounded, I had been worried as I’ve been training because of her since May,” Garcia told MMA Fighting. “I don’t think someone would fake an injury, we’r e athletes and all of us suffer injuries, but if you watch the fight, she sensed (an accident ) in her right knee, and also one that’d operation was the left one. A week after, she submitted videos, training and jumping boxes. I had a knee injury at the street FC open work also it took me two weeks to jump boxes . I don’t think she faked the trauma, but I think she had been saving herself because of the fight. She knew about our fight.

”Barbara said in a meeting that I took the things she said overly personal, but I have nothing personal with her. It’s business,” Garcia continuing. “I don’t respect her sports-wise. She had signed the contract to fight meshe knew she had been going to fight me. I think she had been rescuing herself WGP to fight me later, and that I think that’s disrespectful with the game, with her opponent, and with the promotion. ”

Citing the days when she competed in jiu-jitsu with awful harms, such as for instance a fractured fingerand when she entered the ADCC tournament only days after her brother died, Garcia says she would never act like that.

”I don’t know what had her brain, maybe she sensed the knee, but the one thing I expect out of her would be her to be 100 percent in the fight. “Should you accept a fight, don’t attract excuses before the fight. She challenged me at any burden, and now she’s saying that I ’m warmer compared to her, that I’m better on the ground, but she’s usually the main one with more experience in the ring.

”Don’t come with excuses following the fight quit in the center of the fight. I want her going until the end because I’ve fought injured before, and that I never stopped. ”

Nepomuceno told MMA Struggling that she believes Garcia didn’t want to fight her in a MMA cage and has been avoiding the match up for years, however Garcia insists that she had been the one that forced it finally come into fruition under the Rizin banner.

”She’s her manager and a lot of people for making this fight happen, but I’m usually the one who made it happen,”” Garcia said. “I’d issues with Rizin as my boss (Nobuyuki Sakakibara) was here and offered me other competitors to fight, but I said no, I said I wanted to fight . I was. I want to test myself in the feet. ”

If both women finally get into the ring in Japan, Garcia expects to shock her foe and improve to 6-0 in the activity.

”” I think I’ll win by knock out,” said Garcia, who submitted Veronika Futina in her final bout at ROAD FC in May. “Jiu-jitsu will be my No. 1 plan, but I need to knock her out. Test my hands and my own boxing. I’ve ever already been training kick boxing every single day. It won’t be as great as hers, obviously. Should I throw 1-5 strikes she will throw 30, however we’ve a fantastic gameplan. Jiujitsu will always be the No. 1 and also that I will always rely on this, my wrestling is so sharp, too, but I want to challenge myself. If my hand lands, it would be ideal for mepersonally. ”


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