Happy Holidays! This was the very first week with no Thursday match, however there is just the full slate across Saturday, Sunday and Monday for all those in fantasy play — and even those who aren’t — to enjoy. A couple of players have been already eliminated, however you may still find a couple key vision players whose status is still under consideration.

For reference, players may be classified over the final accident report of any given week as suspicious, suspicious or out. Besides the obvious designation of a new person being eliminated,”questionable” indicates a new person is uncertain to play with while”doubtful” means a new person is unlikely to play. Since the NFL did off with the”probable” designation two years back, players who are required to play on Sunday (or Monday) are only taken from the accident report by the reporting deadline (Friday evening for Sunday games, Saturday afternoon for Monday night matches ).

For the aims of this injury-related game trailer, position will groups players. Below the identify, teaminjured body area (as listed on the official NFL injury report) and official match status designation these elements are included: any famous relevant details about the accident, the gamer’s involvement in clinic that week and any extra notes to provide context across the ball player’s status.

For anybody seeking more special detail regarding certain kinds of injuries, there is an illustrated injury glossary on the ESPN fantasy home page.

Additionally, please check out my”Assessing the Bell” podcast where we take a deeper dive in to various medical issues with special guests, including experts within their various areas in addition to athletes who have first hand experience with assorted injuries or health conditions. All episodes are archived here.

And now, on to this Saturday game trailer.

Washington Redskins in Tennessee Titans, 4:30 p.m. ET
Baltimore Ravens in LosAngeles Chargers, 8:20 p.m. ET


Additional injury particulars : Put into accident report this week for foot

Practice report: Limited Tuesday; total Wednesday-Thursday (The Titans conducted a walkthrough Tuesday; the Tuesday clinic report is a estimation)

Notes: Mariota was on the accident report for his elbow, hand, stomach and much more. This week it’s his foot this is the focal point, however it’s not going to be sufficient to sideline him. Two full practices ahead of Saturday’s game and removal from the accident report confirm that his status.

Josh Johnson, Washington Redskins, ankle (off Pre-game injury report)

Additional injury particulars : Put into accident report this week for foot

Practice report: Full Tuesday-Thursday (Washington conducted a walkthrough Tuesday; the Tuesday clinic report is the estimation)

Notes: there’s not any doubt about Johnson’s status — however it’s still improbable he’s starting on your fantasy tournament.

Melvin Gordon, LosAngeles Chargers, knee (off Pre-game injury report)

Additional injury particulars : Sprained right MCL Week 1 2; DNP Weeks 1315

Practice report: Full Tuesday-Thursday

Notes: Fantasy players have to be breathing much easier seeing Gordon’s status confirmed ahead of the match along with his removal from the pregame accident report. In actuality, Gordon was very close to playing week, and were it not for this match being on a Thursday nightthat he might have. Even the additional conditioning and recovery period has without doubt served him and Gordon heads into Saturday’s match in good form.

Practice report: Limited Tuesday-Wednesday; total Thursday

Notes: Peterson is likely to be on the accident account during the end of the growing season due to the shoulder he uttered in Week 5. He’s yet to miss a match, and he will not overlook this week .

Broad Band

Keenan Allen, LosAngeles Chargers, fashionable (Q)

Additional injury particulars : Injured in Week 15; fashionable pointer

Practice report: DNP Tuesday; limited Wednesday-Thursday

Notes: Allen took a hard fall last Sunday that led to a hip a deep bruise to the upper and outermost part of the pelvis. Allen’s immediate reply of catching the region instantly up on attempting to get right up from the ground hinted at the type of this accident. He was unable to continue despite trying to push the vexation. The area isn’t well shielded with soft tissue, which makes it at risk of a injury with a direct blowoff. Allen has made progress this week, even tackling two restricted practices, and ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that he is likely to play with, despite the questionable tag. The only concern would be if Allen were to land on the specific same spot and also aggravate the injury, but undoubtedly the team will be attempting to mat the area to give some protection. Allen’s talent, stamina and goal volume is hard to over look, even together with him less than 100% and confronting a hard Ravens defense. Fantasy players are advised to confirm his status before kickoff.

Josh Doctson, Washington Redskins, rear (Q)

Additional injury particulars : Put into accident report this week (Thursday)

Notes: Late injury report additions are almost always worrisome, particularly when it leads to a”did not participate in practice” just two days before the match. For fantasy players who could happen to be considering filling a vacant bend area with Doctson, the overdue questionable and injury status needs to be cause for quitting.


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