Former world champion Adonis Stevenson is”alert” and”healing” from the brain injury he sustained during a struggle, ” says that his girl friend Simone.

The Canadian light heavyweight needed surgery later he was knocked out by Ukrainian Oleksandr Gvozdyk this past month.

Simone’SiSi’ God explained the 41-year-old was recovering”at the private company of the family”.

“Adonis can be really a global champion and can be demonstrating that identical determination in his healing,” she said.

“Despite recent reports being leaked to media, ” I wanted to clarify that Adonis is alert.”

Stevenson, boxing earliest and longest-reigning champion, was making his 10th WBC name defence when he was injured.

He even suffered an 11th-round knock out during the light heavyweight bout on 2 December, awakened following a flurry of punches by his opponent.

“Superman can be really just a global champion, and it has demonstrated his strength in facing every barrier he has ever faced,” the statement continued.

“He’s just a legend in the opinion of his fans, and also a guy that shows to his family daily that inner strength and love can change and exude even the maximum of hardships.”


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