The UFC is taking a major step in cutting down weight and helping boxers with nutrition.

On Wednesday, the promotion announced a partnership with Trifecta, a major all-organic meal delivery service, which is likely to soon be designed to assist fighters during training camp and struggle week free of charge to them. Trifecta will utilize staff at the UFC Performance Institute “to offer you the nutritional aid program to athletes who opt for it as part of their preparation to upcoming UFC events,” the press released stated.

In other words, staff at the UFC Performance Institute will utilize Trifecta to come up with meal plans for individual athletes and people meals will be brought to them during camp and struggle week. The point is to help fighters cutting back weight to diet down with an eye toward operation and the hope of averting a steep (and damaging ) water cut. Fighters weight that is shed and weight cutting are among the biggest problems facing MMA to day.

“Trifecta’s fresh fight prep app is an absolute game-changer for both UFC athletes,” UFC Performance Institute vice president of surgeries James Kimball said from the release. “With the offering with this program, athletes — should they choose to participate — will have access to culinary chefs and sport dietitians who can offer the highest-quality, individualized nutrient aid and meal planning for the fighters. ”

Boxers employ and work during training struggle or camp week to assist them with their weight cuts with nutritionists. The UFC release stated that Trifecta can currently help fighters using custom meals from the very first weight warrior throughout the rehydration and article weighin procedure.

“Performance Institute staff will likely soon be available to consult each athlete utilizing the program during all stages of competition groundwork,” the release said.

Per the UFC, Trifecta will deliver meals to boxers during training camp and not just those athletes who have regular access into the UFC Performance Institute at vegas. This will be separate from the in house meals the UFC PI currently provides. Chefs are going to be on site.

The program will launch from the first quarter of 2019, per the release, also &ldquowill soon be accessible for athletes competing on a vast majority of all UFC events. ”

A UFC Performance Institute study released in June said that athletes should stay within 10 per cent of these contracted struggle week to maximise performance. It went on to say no further than 1.5 percent of an athlete’s weight could be lost a week out of human excess fat, so any drop in weight “should plan to be less severe” in order to shed weight and muscle.

The recommendation was that boxers should be losing more than just two to 3 pounds per week by using their weight descent to return to their own weightreduction. The execution of the Trifecta app seems to tackle such concerns of rapid weight loss.


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