Sitting on the bench wearing an orange parka, Mayfield gestured with his left hand, directing the home club in cheers. Fourteen days after Mayfield had lamented not having more fans from the seats, the Browns sold their home finale and your hometeam sent off them with a success.

“We spoke quite a bit about that component of it,” interim coach Gregg Williams said. “Let’s give the fans something to rock and roll and cheer around. ”

The team that had fought so badly over many previous seasons continued its feel-good finish having a dominant 26-18 conquer the Cincinnati Bengals that simply became close inside the final two minutes.

The win gave the Browns their first sweep of the Bengals since 2002 and first sweep of almost any AFC North competition since 2007. Cleveland improved to 5-2-1 athome along with 7-7-1 overall, signaling the very first time they have been .500 or even better at this point of per year since 2007. A win in Week 17 at Baltimore would supply the Browns their first winning season as 2007. They already have guaranteed for the first time as 2011 they will not finish in the AFC North.

“Clearly we would really like to be in the playoffs, however like I said earlier in the year, you know you have to go through a few challenging times to see that the brighter end of it” Mayfield said. “Although it hurt us in the long run, we are likely to make use of this momentum. ”

Sunday’s match was close for a few, but then a Browns turned into a festival.

Nick Chubb ran for 112 yards to move over 28 metres of 1,000 for this summer season.

As the afternoon wore on and the music blared, the fans remained and enjoyed that an in-game party-like they haven’t felt in quite a very long time in Cleveland. Their team had won its fifth in six matches.

It had a quarterback making accuracy throws with pin point accuracy.

It’d an offensive planner working with all kinds of misdirection and intriguing calls.

It had a recipient hopstepping his way to your 63-yard completion.

It’d sparked a celebration on Lake Erie hauled not just of this revival displayed in 2018, but of this expectation for 2019.

After so many years of battles and also a winless season that launched a “Perfect Season Parade” in arctic weather in January, the Browns gave their fans an NFL team that could play anyone and’d embarrassed a rival.

Finally the Browns have escaped their lonely, bothersome drifting from the hinterlands of losingweight.

Sunday, Cleveland welcomed back its own NFL team.

“I hope that relationship [with the fans] to continue to rise,” Mayfield said. “I link solely with Cleveland. The work ethic, the items you have to get it around here, that is what that the Browns are about. It is going to be quite a great relationship for a long time. ”


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