EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Ny Jets coach Todd Bowles, known for complaining about questionable forecasts, poking out at the officiating Sunday following a penalty-marred overtime loss to the Green Bay Packers in MetLife Stadium.

“I thought we were still playing the Packers and the striped shirts.”

“I believed it was a bad forecast, because I did a number of other forecasts,” said Bowles, who likely will be fired at the end of the summer season. “It was one of the games. I have not seen one in my 18, 1-9 years at the league.”

Reminded that it’s out of character for him to criticize the officiating,” Bowles replied,”That’s how awful it was.

“I am convinced I am becoming entangled already, so that I care not to express more, but something has to be done about that. That’s ridiculous.”

The Jets committed three penalties from overtime (one offsetting), leading to another late meltdown. They blew a 35-20 lead, the third time at the last four games that they lost after leading in the fourth quarter.

Bowles also took issue with Aaron Rodgers‘ 1-yard touchdown leap with 1:12 remaining in regulation, saying he did not think the Packers’ quarterback long that the ball sufficient to break the plane of the goalline.

“They said they reviewed it in the big apple and they said it was a touchdown. I saw it differently,” he said.

Bowles’ shame level attained a new high while the Jets (4-11) dropped another heartbreaker, clinching their third consecutive season with 11 losses. Subsequently , he ripped the officiating in his speech to the team, players said — another uncharacteristic go for the eventempered coach.

“I thought it was bullsmyself. Period,” cornerback Morris Claiborne stated of this officiating.

Johnson, a $73 million freeagent addition, was in no need to comment concerning this match. He pushed a seat in front of his locker, grabbed his belongings and walked out of this lockerroom, refusing to stop to reporters.

“I thought there were some suspicious calls,” linebacker Avery Williamson explained. “after all, it’s upsetting as we did a few decent stuff. That’s why I am pissed off.”


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