He entered Sunday’s game against the Texans with 101 catches, nine against his idol,” Jason Witten, for your best location, and quarter back Nick Foles targeted Ertz early and usually at Sunday’s must-win game against Houston.

Ertz racked two catches for 56 yards and a touchdown until intermission to tie the album, and shattered it having a nine-yard reception over the opening set of the 3rd quarter.

“He is having a wonderful year,” Witten said earlier this month. “We all have issues in our career where you get in the zone. While I see him on tape, I could tell he’s doing things the ideal way. He is advanced as a path runner, using his stalks, leveragethings like that to find open.”

That set of skills was developed partly by dissecting Witten’s game. Ertz closely watched Witten growing up and studied his game much more greatly once he got at the experts.

“He was the guy I was watching as it seemed like down third, he was getting his band called and he was attacking leverage, so I really just modeled my game ,” Ertz explained.

Witten only gave his jersey into a opposing player postgame once in his career, and that was to Ertz.

Even the 28-year-old Ertz surpassed Brian Westbrook’s mark for most receptions in one season in team history with his 90th earlier this month against Washington.


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