This has been the very final time Rea emerged in the grand prix paddock, since he turned down the chance to really help make the turn to MotoGP full-time on an open-class Honda and instead joined Kawasaki at 2015, going to acquire four WSBK titles and become the category’s prominent rider.

But Fogarty believes things could have been different had Rea left a greater impression in those two flashes substituting Stoner on the mill Honda.

“He didn’t set the world on fire,” Fogarty told throughout an event at the Dainese Store at London. “He just rode very thoughtful.

“Maybe if he could do this again he would simply do it, push everything to the maximum. When I would have given the same opportunity I would have done it a little bit different.

Jonathan Rea, Repsol Honda Team

Jonathan Rea

Photo with: Repsol Media

Rea said early at the 2018 season which he had received supplies to move to MotoGP, but in the long run he opted to stay stuck with Kawasaki and also sign up a fresh two-year deal with all the Provec-run team.

“I presume Jonathan had chances to move [to MotoGP], but I am not sure,” lasted Fogarty. “He preferred to remain at WSBK and take this path. I can not blame him, you want to have the best bike if you head to MotoGP.

“If you will get a chance todo MotoGP, normally you find a ride at a satellite team and only for a single year. It is not easy to say yes if you have some thing so good with Kawasaki at WSBK.”

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Fogarty included that Rea’s family commitments – the 31-year-old along with his wife Tatia have two children – could have also played a role in forcing the Ulsterman in which to stay WSBK, that includes an infinitely more manageable schedule compared to MotoGP.

“I had been viewed as a family guy when in my days no body had a family. I had two kids when I was 25 or 26. Maybe this didn’t help me.

“Jonathan could be precisely the very same with all the youngsters. Our paths are very similar, very much like.

“It shouldn’t even be the case [that family influences perception]. You should be judged on how fast you’ll be able to ride a bicycle. And he will ride very, very fast in most state.

“he’s extremely aggressive and very eloquent. He ticks all the boxes to get me someone like Cal [Crutchlow] ticks most of the boxes although maybe not most them. Jonathan ticks them all .”

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Jonathan Rea, Kawasaki Racing

Jonathan Rea


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