Storhamar celebrate European Recovery after eight years

It has been eight years since Storhamar hand-ball e-lite — by the northeast city of Hamar — were continue at a European Cup contest.

In the past, at the 2009-10 season, the team reached the quarter final of this Women&intense;s Cup Winners’ Cup.

This happened only a year following the team were eradicated by the Women’s EHF Cup at Round 3.

This season, Storhamar are back European handball, having qualified for the collection phase of their Women’s EHF Cup for the first time in their own history.

With this achievement, the team has now reached among its main objectives for this season. Still another goal is improving upon last season’s place at the domestic league.

A scene for growth

“we’re a team on the way up and forth, and I’m absolutely sure that matches this degree is likely to make us better. Furthermore, we’re proud to put Hamar and Storhamar on the European map of handball. I would also assume that interest in the team will continue to grow through participation in this championship,” said head coach Arne Senstad concerning the significance to be at the EHF Cup.

Senstad expects tough rivalry in the group phase, however he also views these matches as a excellent means to mature and develop his players.

“To us, there is alot about getting the chance to play matches at the degree, against good foreign teams. We know it’s going to be rough, however it’s through such matches we’ll develop,” said Senstadsaid

To help the team at the expectedly difficult group matches, Senstad has experienced players like Norwegian line player Heidi LøK-E, former international straight back court player Betina Riegelhuth and the expert Brazilian goalkeeper Chana Masson.

Amazing Guarantee in Siofók

On the negative sidehe needs to make do without abandoning back Anna Sofie Sandberg, lineup player Kristin Høybakken and directly straight back Tina Engan as a result of long term harms.

When asked which teams he sees as favourites to secure the Women´s EHF Cup, the trainer looks to Hungary for the solution.

“I’m pretty sure Siofók KC, educated by my close good friend, Tor Odvar Moen, will soon probably be among the teams at the final. Then it’s as much as the others people to struggle to become their opponents,” anticipates Arne Senstad.

Storhamar Hand-ball E Lite (NOR)

Qualification for your EHF Cup 2018/19 Group Period:
Round two: 51:34 aggregate win against Byasen Hand-ball E Lite (NOR)
Round 3: 60:56 aggregate win against ÉRD HC (HUN)

Writer: Arne Senstad (because 2015 and formerly 2006-2013)

Opponents at the Group Period: Team Esbjerg, Sports Club Magura Cisnadie and SG BBM Bietigheim in Group A

Women´s EHF Champions League recordings : N/A

Women´s EHF Cup documents:

Round 3: 2008/09

Other European Cup documents:

Quarterfinal: 2009/10

Norwegian league:
0 names (4 times bronze medallist in the Norwegian league)


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