NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Washington Redskins basic security D.J. Swearinger sounded his insecurities off after countless losses this season, but he had never casted direct blame on any offenders.

The Redskins (78 ) still remain alive in the playoff race however will be eradicated by an Eagles triumph or if Minnesota and Seattle triumph Sunday.

The Redskins were in man coverage when corner Fabian Moreau was required holding receiver Taywan Taylor to a third-and-7 incompletion, extending a fourth-quarter drive that caused a goahead touchdown. The Titans had three recipients on the right side with Taylor over the left.

“Man, it’s just three by one; you’re going backside each time,” Swearinger said. “A kindergarten quarterback can know that. That is my frustration at this time dog. We played a hell of a game”

The Redskins delivered five rushers with man coverage on the back end. Moreau had his hands too at the top of the play, grabbing Taylor at the top of his back.

“we must have blowed them out,” Swearinger said. “If I’m the D-coordinator, I’m calling zone every time down because you got a backup quarterback. Make him beat us.

“We’re playing a backup quarterback. Why would you put us man to man? We are our best on defense when we look at the quarterback.”

Swearinger has lent his frustration a few times this season, as well as later games in 20 17. He has criticized the team’s groundwork, though he’s not said whether his voice were directed at the coaches or players; he often said it was for all. Swearinger also said some Friday clinics were too loose.

“You do not put Fabian because situation on a backup quarterback,” Swearinger said. “Despite the [officials’] call, yeah, the ball has been overthrown. However, should we look at the quarterback, together with all this ability we got in the backend we can control every team every week. But I’m not exactly the D-coordinator, bruh. We didn’t make the drama, I figure. You will find a lot of drama on the market to make, so we didn’t make the plays to get the game”

A group official said Manusky wouldn’t speech Swearinger’s comments prior to his regularly scheduled news conference Thursday. Redskins coach Jay Gruden had ended his news conference well before Swearinger spoke. Swearinger was the last player to cover the media, so other players didn’t have a chance to answer his comments.

Swearinger said defensive playcalling has defeated him for a while.

“I voice my own frustration each and every time that I come off the field,” he explained. “I’m an extremely intelligent football player. I probably see more picture compared to coaches. That is 100. That is probably documented. I try to present my insight, however it doesn’t work. I can only place my heart in this –pet… and give them exactly what I could give them. Whether they take it or not, that is just another thing. That is where the frustration comes at, when we do not win”

Gruden has talked to him in the past after some of the comments he left either to colleagues or about social networking. The Redskins have never suspended him to get his comments. Gruden is advised to address the media Sunday.

“I’m not devoting no excuses on my play,” Swearinger said. “I missed several tips, but that I believe with a number of these play-makers we have with this team, then you should try to get your players involved. We got lots of talent with this team. While I look at picture about other teams, I see nickel [defensive backs] blitzing, always see safeties blitzing.

“It’s frustrating. I do not know exactly what to say about doing it. With the play-makers we got on defense, there is absolutely no way we should’ve lost this game. We was the better team. We could have been in a better call on this third down. Being 100.”

He also completed a 2-yarder to tight end MyCole Pruitt on a play-action pass.

“We aren’t likely to lose this game, with the ability we have on defense, to some backup quarterback,” Swearinger said. “You can say we didn’t make the drama as players. We didn’t make enough. However, as soon as we’re in the game by the conclusion we ought to maintain something which we are able to see the quarterback, man. See the Quarter Back. And make plays. We were unable to see the quarterback however on a couple of times. It really is exactly what it really is. Keep grinding”


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