Finding your way through what likely will be his last week as the coach of the nyc Jets, Todd Bowles denied to handle his own illustrious occupation status Monday. He wouldn’t even state if he wants to be back for a fifth season.

When asked if he’s expecting to reunite in 2019, he answered,”Personally, I don’t speak about my next job. And I will proceed from there.”

Bowles, who has lost 1-9 of his past 25 matches, will probably be terminated next Monday. He has signed through 2020, but the growing season fell apart with a six-game losing streak in the center of the season. The Jets blew fourth-quarter contributes to their past three defeats, most which were marred by penalties that are costly.

Inspite of the trapping speculation, the Bowles has denied to fuel the narrative. He insisted he isn’t thinking about his future.

“not necessarily, until the growing season is over,” said Bowles, whose career record is 24-39.

On Sunday night, Professional Football Speak, citing an unnamed source, noted that the Jets intend to pursue Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh. It’d not be the first time.

In 2009they held a clandestine interview with Harbaugh if he was the coach at Stanford. They hired Rex Ryan for the positioning. In 2015, they voiced fascination with Harbaugh before he chose the Michigan job, eventually naming Bowles as his or her coach.

Bowles said he does not have any reaction to the Harbaugh speculation.

“I don’t have one,” he said. “It is probably a matter for the man who reported it”

At an new interview with ESPN,” Harbaugh stated emphatically that he wont leave Michigan, his alma mater.

“I’m on record straight here, today: I’m not going anywhere,” he told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. “I’m residing in Michigan. We’ve got big plans here, and there’s a lot we would like to accomplish.”

Bowles also was in no mood to elaborate on his post game criticism of the officiating in Sunday’s 44-38 overtime loss to the Green Bay Packers. The Jets set a franchise record with 172 penalty lawns, prompting Bowles to lash out.

“I said exactly what I said and I meant what I said,” he said Monday morning. “All has been said, therefore I’m finished with it. … I’m not going to sit and play with Monday-morning quarterback.”


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