CLEVELAND — The Cincinnati Bengals got used to pushing around the Cleveland Browns for All of the previous 4 seasons.

Now they are those being pushed around.

The Bengals will finish last in the AFC North for the first time since the 2010 season after getting trapped by the Browns for first time since 2002. The Bengals finished 2-14 that fired and season Dick LeBeau, eventually hiring Marvin Lewis.

Lewis’ future is unclear now as the Bengals’ front office determines whether he needs to come back for a 17th year old. The Bengals will finish having a losing season for the 3rd year.

“It stinks. “When you go during OTAs, minicamp, camp, the intricacies and the grind of a season, of a calendar year, to not be in a position to acquire from the playoffs is 1 thing, but to be last at the branch is just another. I’ve got a poor taste in my mouth and next week I will [get rid] of just a bit of the.”

Lewis can’t even point out an improved ending at the end of the year as a definite reason to keep.

The Bengals can do nothing on crime for some of the day and actually had negative net yards at the end of their first half. Running back Joe Mixon passed the 1,000-yard mark for the summer, but without Tyler Boyd, ” he was running into a stacked box, eventually finishing with 17 carries for 68 yards.

The shield gave up 493 yards, more based on the way it played until the firing of defensive coordinator Teryl Austin, as an alternative of this improved showing it has had lately. The Bengals are on pace to break franchise records for most yards and points allowed in a season.

“I believe like that football team we have here shouldn’t be last at the branch,” defensive end Carlos Dunlap explained.

As the players are answering questions about declines, they have also had to take care of questions about Lewis’ future for the third consecutive season.

Although corner back Dre Kirkpatrick was adament a week that Lewis wasn’t going anyplace, and other players had beenn’t so convinced about imagining the future. Many only said it’s out of their control, that has been a little of a consistent answer over the years.

The Bengals improved at the close of the past year to give owner Mike Brown the confidence he had to stick with Lewis for one more year old. This year is trickier. They started the season like play off contenders but essentially got ignored the field when confronting some of their league’s greatest teams at the Saints and the Chiefs.

The crime has never really been the same since losing Tyler Eifert contrary to the Falcons in September, and matters just got worse as soon as the team lost Dalton and Green. The beginning crime against the Browns on Sunday was composed of players who’d have hardly seen the field when not for harms.

However, the Bengals couldn’t be at the Steelers even if healthy, plus so these weren’t in the same league because the Chiefs and Browns, injuries or no injuries.

It mightn’t be unthinkable for the Bengals’ front office to give Lewis a pass on the basis of the unbelievable number of harms to starting players this past year. They could decide that they require a new start and move on out of Lewis completely.

“I really don’t understand,” Dunlap said. “This really is a professional soccer team. Everybody is making business decisions. I’ve got confidence from the football team and the players who we have here, we could do that which we will need to do. We are there before. I am not likely to get disagreements any way, but I just would like to get straight back to it. Whatever is needed to get back to this, where we all started off here. I want that feeling , and now is not that feeling”

Whether the team beats the Steelers a few weeks means modest today aside from draft and pride standing. Now, the Bengals certainly should have experienced enough to decide about the future of the trainer.

Whatever decision they make may carry a enormous effect. If the Bengals don’t create the proper one, they are staring at the basement of this branch for a very long time.

“it’s quite frustrating. I’ve not ever been a part of a losing app. I am going to get familiar with being a portion of this ,” Mixon said. “In the close of the dayI am going to take it for what it really is in 2013, build, and attempt to improve and prepare for next year. We have yet another week coming up. It is a significant one. I promise that you aren’t going to take this for long, and that is an undeniable truth.”


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