MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — Miami Dolphins defensive ending Cameron Twist couldn’t help but chuckle when asked about the prospect of change within the coaching team after yet another disappointing season. Change was the topic on everyone’s mind following the Dolphins’ loss to the Jaguars.

“I suppose every week you’re playing for your own job. I’m assuming each single week the coaches is coaching for his occupation,” Mayor stated. “It is an audition. It’s a league with a short memory, what are you done lately.”

Sunday’s audition was a bust, and coach Adam Gase confessed as much, calling his crime”dreadful,””awful” and”brutal to watch” Lately, Dolphins coaches and players shouldn’t be satisfied in what they have put out there to be judged. But truth be told, Wake is probably more worried about their own future than this of Dolphins coaches or front-office members. He’s not alone.

Wake, an unrestricted free agent this offseason, talked Friday on his Miami future. He’s spent 10 decades of his NFL career at a Dolphins uniform, however if asked about acting at another jersey next seasonhe stated,”Ideally no,” however,”When it makes sense, I will do it”

Dark clouds loom over the Dolphins as 2018 involves a close. Nobody needs to feel comfortable after the Dolphins find themselves in mediocrity again, and also the looming off season will provide answers on who stays and who goesthrough.

As Dolphins owner Stephen Ross walked across the locker room with his head down about 30 minutes after the match ended, several Dolphins players saw him walk from 1 side of the room to your locker room entrance doorway on the other hand. They understand Ross holds the secrets into the future of lots of men and women, starting with those in front officedown to both coaches and lots of key players.

“We are each one is waiting to see what happens.”

Most Las Vegas books gave the Dolphins an over/under of how 6.5 wins to begin the growing summer season — and if the Dolphins finish 7-9 with a loss at Buffalo next Sunday or even 88 with a triumph, they will still marginally exceed this anticipation. But there isn’t any moral-victory sense for a Dolphins team that lacks the longterm promise that other non-playoff teams have heading into the offseason.

Questions at quarterback and defensive lineup shout outside, and Miami also has a lot of veterans elderly than 30 holding down key positions. Thirteen players landed on injured book — many of those being key attacking contributors. There are definite holes to satisfy this offseason however maybe not everybody believes that lack of talent could be the biggest problem.

“There is a great deal of talent in this locker room. There are a whole great deal of good players — really good players — on three stages of this chunk,” corner back Bobby McCain said. “Us setting it together as a team, being a component, that’s what we want to do. All year we haven’t played collective football. … There’s way too many ups and downs.”

Attempting to eclipse 200 yards five times per season — and at three of the past four games — is an issue that can not be ignored. Ranking at the base 10 offensively and defensively can’t be ignored. That can not be ignored.

Eventually, Ross might need to decide who is to blame as to why his team won’t be playing in January. He may very well see it’s a mixture of training, staff and players decisions. Afterward it will be on him to produce a choice on what to accomplish.

“It is a Dolphins dilemma. “It is similar to the players may go to tutors and playoffs stay or vice versa. We come collectively as a component and we share failures; we all share successes. It is on everyone “


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