NEW ORLEANS — After fighting the New Orleans Saints crime with certainty, Cam Heyward couldn’t help but wish.

“Hopefully we’ll see them at the superbowl,” the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end said after Sunday’s 31-28 loss.

That statement isn’t far-fetched. The Steelers educated the reason they entered the entire year with legitimate Super Bowl aspirations. They burnt a fantastic defense for 429 yards behind the arm of Ben Roethlisberger. They sacked Drew Brees double and ceased the Saints 3 x at the next half.

But the Steelers (8-6-1) have a tendency to miss the playoff for the first time since 2013 because such motivated play was overshadowed far too usually by curious losses and late-game mistakes and awful kicks.

The Steelers are built to move on a playoff run at this time. The Steelers host the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday to close out a season slipping off. They will need to win and a Browns success; a Steelers win and a Titans-Colts tie can also buy them into the postseason.

And that is on them than bad officiating or lousy fortune. And everybody in the locker room did actually know it.

“Anyone can beat anybody or lose to anybody — we figured that out this year pretty readily,” shield David DeCastro stated.

“Can not make no excuses,” recipient Antonio Brown stated. “Have to find a means to put ourselves at a far much better position.”

They could indicate several examples. The Week 1 tie in Cleveland. The four-turnover game in Denver at Week 1 2. Even the 16-point blown lead into the la Chargers in Week 13, accompanied by a loss at Oakland that comprised Roethlisberger missing most of the next half using a knee injury and Chris Boswell overlooking two field objectives.

From the two games as the Steelers have demonstrated resolve and desperation. However, a team that capped Sunday’s fourth quarter having a Stevan Ridley fumble, a turnover on downs on a fake punt and a Ju Ju Smith-Schuster fumble clearly has lost its signature.

The very same breaks the Steelers created throughout last season’s 13-3 effort have closed up this season, as they will have gone 14 as a six-game winning series in October and November.

“We’re not even a poor team. We’re a really good team,” shield Ramon Foster stated. “We’ve got a lot of tools that are offensive. We have a Hall of Fame quarterback who’s pretty damn great, additionally. To say we’re nervous about being down, it’s never that. We need the time and opportunity. You have to arrive at work a week and get a grip on what we can control. It isn’t a matter of feeling sorry. It’s a matter ofwe kind of caused it we’ve got to live with this.”

Asked whether he would become a Browns fan for this particular week, Foster said,”Never a Cleveland Browns fan. Just hope they play great basketball .”

The Steelers have gotten help. In 2015the Bills knocked off the Jets that will assist the Steelers squeeze in the AFC wild card. Pittsburgh defeated Cincinnati but lost to the Broncos in the divisional round with Brown wounded.

Roethlisberger is hoping for yet another chance.

“I told the guys in there… I said,’Listen, it’s not over ; this chapter of the story’s not done. Clearly we don’t control it, but let’s see what goes on.'”


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