LOS ANGELES — LeBron James apologized Sunday for lyrics he shared his Insta-gram accounts within the weekend that contained the line,”becoming that Jewish money.”

“Apologies, without a doubt, when I offended anybody,” James told ESPN following a LosAngeles Lakers107-99 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. “That’s not why I decided to talk about with you that lyric. I [post lyrics]. That’s exactly what I do. I ride in my car, I listen to amazing music and that was the by product of it. So, I honestly thought it was a compliment and it wasn’t through the lens of a whole lot of people. My apologies. It was not the intent, of course, to hurt anybody.”

James was quoting the song”ASMR” by hiphop artist 21 Savage and clicked the lyrics,”We’re becoming this Jewish money, Everything is Kosher,” on his Insta-gram Stories since he rode like a passenger in a vehicle when wearing a purple Lakers sweatshirt on Saturday afternoon.

There’s no sign that the NBA has some plans to fine James, a team source told ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

James, with 45.8 million Insta-gram followers, received any criticism online Sunday after sports industry reporter Darren Rovell of this Action Network posted a screengrab from James’ Insta-gram story to his Twitter accounts, taking umbrage using James’ judgment.

While James said he translated the lyric as portion of a strength of their Jewish business community, there is really a long-standing stereotype linking Jewish public’s priorities to money and material goods that the lyrics shine over.

“Historically, Jewish materialism was used by antisemites trying to demean the value of Judaism,” Yale professor Eliyahu Stern told the days of Israel at August 2018. “It has usually been used as a method of delegitimizing Judaism’s religious and spiritual values from people that depict Judaism as a cover for hoarding, egoism, and a reflection of difference.”


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