PHILADELPHIA — The shadows needed only about overtaken Lincoln Financial Field Sunday afternoon since the Eagles’ offense trotted on the field late in the next quarter. There was simply a sliver of sunshine left, also Nick Foles, positioned in shotgun formationthat was standing right into it. The visual effect was that his shape stretched for more than 10 yards, beyond the Houston Texans‘ defensive front. Larger than life.

Foles took the snap, stepped in the pocket and threw it so far as he was able. Nelson Agholor plucked it out from the sky in stride and raced into the endzone , finishing the 83-yard go ahead score with a backpacks dip a manhunter DeSean Jackson against Dallas in 2010.

The dazzling impression Foles made around the Lincoln Financial Field crowd Sunday in a dramatic 32-30 win over Houston was likely his last. It was not lost on Foles, who got choked up talking about it later.

“It’s emotional,” he stated, his voice catching. “I knew there was an opportunity this may possibly be it. I actually don’t think about the future, but I am aware of that because this city means much to me, this team means much to me, wearing that jersey usually means much to me personally “

He created a franchise record using 471 passing yards and became the first Eagles QB using 400 pass yards and four touchdowns in one match since… well, Nick Foles, who turned the trick in 2013 when he travelled for 406 yards and seven TDs in Oakland.

The minute most likely to stick forever together with fans and teammates was one which started with a scare. Foles was drilled into the torso by Jadeveon Clowney late in the match and lay on his back in the endzone for several minutes. Started sifting through the stadium, encouraging him to get right up. Nate Sudfeld went to replace him, and thought it might be a long-lasting gig.

“I thought he was out. He was putting there forever,” Sudfeld reported. “I didn’t know if he was out for forever or freaking 1 day. You have no idea”

It was one drama. Foles got back into the lineup and directed to the Eagles down the field, setting up Jake Elliott‘s game-winning 35-yard field goal as time expired.

The Eagles have won two in a row since Foles replaced the injured Carson Wentz at the lineup, both coming against first-place teams in the Los Angeles Rams and Texans. The crime scored 30-plus points in both wins later hitting that mark one time on the first 13 games.

“We get confused sometimes because he’s a backup quarterback; he simply happens to be Carson Wentz’s copy,” said safety Malcolm Jenkins. “He’s a person. He’s a Superbowl MVP for a reason. Obviously, he’s pumped life back to this team, the crime, playing incredible right when we desire it. But that’s Nick. He’s no different. It’s not like he climbed to the occasion. This really is what he’s created “

The disagreement in Philly concerning the town’s two talented QBs, Wentz and Foles, is going to pick up this week. Would be the Eagles, who named Foles the starter for Sunday’s match against Washington, definitely going to let the Super Bowl MVP walkif his sexy hand proceeds to the postseason?

For each the oxygen that will be used with this subject, the reality is that this is, and should be, Wentz’s team for its very long haul. Foles will most likely will be in another city a year ago with a opportunity to confuse herself being a franchise QB.

He has helped his chances with his performance on the previous two weeks, while stirring the imagination of their Eagles’ fanbase one last time.

“I am very thankful for every opportunity to play with , to play in front of the fans, to wear that jersey irrespective of what,” Foles explained. “No one could take that from me.

“it is a special one to night. I actually don’t know exactly what the future holds. I am not going to be concerned about any of it. I am just going to focus on now, enjoy only being in Philadelphia, enjoy the people, like wearing this jersey because it’s some of the very cherished moments of my life”


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