Nykøbing back at Which their European adventure started

From the 2016/17 season, Nykøbing Falster Håndbold — NFH made a successful debut in Europe.

At exactly the same season, the team by the far south of Denmark reached the semi-final of the Women’s EHF Cup and won the Danish championship for the first time.

After last season’s EHF Champions League adventure that took them to the main round of this competition, Nykøbing are back in the EHF Cup this season and also have qualified to the group phase.

The team from the island of Falster are chasing the championship playoffs at the Danish league along with a ticket to the knockout point in the EHF Cup.

Expecting to complete at least second

Naturally, their second aim is to be different from the group phase.

&ldquoWe aspire to eventually become at least number 2 at the category, however there are no expectations whatsoever because we don’t quite know our opponents well enough. Each of the teams at the group phase have quality, and it’s going to, therefore, be described as a long and tough tournament before end”,” said Nykøbing’s head trainer Jakob Larsen — that sees tremendous potential for development in getting involved in this EHF Cup.

“From my point of view, the degree is simply going up on lots of the ladies ’so teams throughout Europe. We anticipate playing with the group matches and is going to do whatever we could perform to qualify to your quarterfinals. If we achieve this, I think that the club may benefit from it in line to sponsors and the general set-up in our team,” said Larsen.

Romanian favourites

The Nykøbing team continue to be assembled around playmaker Kristina Kristiansen, and also the team’s performances have improved after she returned from getting sidelined with a broken hand.

While Kristiansen is back in full strength, however, Nykøbing are weakened without Swedish left back Johanna Westberg due to maternity.

This may be just one of reasons why the top coach does not see his or her own team one of the favorites to win the competition this year, but he’s a great deal of faith at the teams in general.

“” I presume that last year’s winners SCM Craiova have good chances to reach the most effective. From Denmark, I presume one or two of the four teams have a good chance to reach a semifinal. The league is close and good. Therefore the teams are utilized to playing a great deal of tight games. It may be a benefit at the group phase,” said Larsensaid


Qualification for the EHF Cup 2018/19 Group Phase:

Qualification Round two: 58:48 aggregate triumph against IUVENTA Michalovce (SVK)
Qualifications Round 3: 54:47 aggregate wing against H 65 Höörs HK (SWE)
New-comers: Sakura Hauge (Vipers Kristiansand), Isabella Fazekas Jakobsen (Ajax København), Dione Housheer (VOC Amsterdam), Line Skak (T Th Holstebro), Yui Sunami (Japan)
Left the bar Mie Sørensen (Molde HK), Sarah Iversen (HIH Herning Ikast), Tiril Merg (Skrim Kongsberg), Celine Lundbye (Aarhus United)
athlete: Jakob Larsen (since 20 17 )
Team captain: Anna Lagerquist (SWE)
Opponents from the Group Phase: H-C Podravka Vegeta, SCM Craiova along with Super Amara Bera Bera Ingroup D
Women’s EHF Champions League documents:
Main round: 2017/18
Women’s EHF Cup recordings:
Semi-final: 2016/17
Danish league: 1 title (2016/2017)
Danish Cup: 0 titles
Danish Super Cup: 1 title (20 17 )


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