EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Simply because the Green Bay Packers won in dramatic fashion on Sunday on the nyc Jets does not mean their special teams play didn’t boundary on disastrous.

Imagine the venom which would have been hurled at special teams coordinator Ron Zook had been a match with postseason consequences — not just one to play out the series — and the botched plays by his units been obscured by Aaron Rodgers‘ come back overtime victory.

“We’re going to go take a look at the cassette and we are likely to clinic, match, practice and perform next Sunday.”

Nothing is guaranteed for anyone on the training staff beyond this week’s regular-season finale, however there are lots of coaches who’ve made an instance to be kept by the upcoming fulltime Packers head trainer. Zook’s case, however, isn’t overly strong.

At the finish of Sunday’s match, the Packers ranked tied to the many special teams penalties among all NFL teams with 2 4. They’d 23 final year, that ranked fifth most. The only time at Zook’s four seasons as planner that they didn’t rank among the top nine most-penalized special teams was his second season, 20-16, if they had the 13th many with 18.

Penalties have beenn’t the main problem Sunday.

“Obviously, we simply didn’t pay well on kickoffs,” Crosby said. “You will find those two yields, which starts with me the need to kick off a tiny bit better sometimes. And then we have to pay. That they had a terrific plan and we weren’t able to get together. Besides that, we’d the fumble on the kickoff return and I couldn’t see it real clear, however it appeared to be a couple of men conquer their cubes and got their hat onto the ball. Those are regrettable, but with that said, the fact we won this match was exceptional. Offense, defense and special teams, we win and we lose as a team, and this one is just a prime example of that.”

Overall, the Packers have not really fixed their issues on special teams as Brandon Bostick withdrew the onside kick comeback at the 2014 NFC Championship Game loss at Seattle. That match gave it to Zook,” the former assistant of Slocum and cost Shawn Slocum his occupation.

It’s not helped Zook it has been a revolving door of players, and that’s not merely among returners. Although the return position has been debatable minus Trevor Davis, whose pre season hamstring injury destroyed the team’s smartest choice. Six players have returned punts this year and seven have returned kickoffs.

In comparison, the Jets have 42 kick off returns this season, and Roberts has managed 38 of these. On punts, he’s brought 22 of these 2 4.

“I don’t know what they were hoping to do,” Roberts said. “But I was only hoping they’d kick . I actually don’t think they were planning on kicking it profound. I believe it was a little bit of a mortar to try and screw up our timing but that which we did worked.”

Said Crosby:”We have covered really well on kickoffs this year. Frankly, it’s a bit surprising that it happened. I thought we all had a good plan, and we’re moving in to the match very confident. If anything, we’ll view it we have the win and we’ll be more prepared next week.”


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