Abysmal reliability supposed Ricciardo slipped to a distant sixth in the championship, 79 points supporting Verstappen, after winning two of those initial six races.

Verstappen outqualified Ricciardo 1-1 days in a row later that the Aussie’s Monaco victory to win the intra-team battle 15-3 and end up the year having an average qualifying advantage of 0.131s.

Ricciardo told Motorsport.com: “I’m contented with how I’t been that this year and that I certainly feel that the points and the qualifying tally don’t even reveal the true picture.

“I don’t even want to spend the charge away from Max because he’s becoming better every year and then he ’S-A top notch driver.

“There is not any doubt that he is extremely fast and now he ’therefore hard to beat on daily.

“However even on those days where he has outqualified mepersonally, I’ve still been familiar with that along with the majority of the moment that I ’t understood the reason why.

“Occasionally I’t taken my hat off and said that it had been a damn fantastic lap, however there’ve been some other times, at which there’ve been a few issues and that I ’t had any little things which haven’t gone my way. ”

Verstappen developed a consistent edge in 2018 after recovering by a mistake-ridden start to this year, improving his album considerably following an extremely close contest together with Ricciardo through 2016 and 2017.

While Verstappen went to a surprise podium run after the summer break, outscoring every motorist anyhow world champion Lewis Hamilton, Ricciardo didn’t stand to the rostrum again after winning the Monaco Grand Prix.

Ricciardo said he’d not “desire to go through it” however did reveal that, as well as his obvious reliability album, there were other issues that set him back.

He clarified that in Mexico, where he’d qualified to pole, his engine was oddly at the start and that is exactly precisely why he passed long before Turn 1.

“Even at which I haven’t performed maybe along with I would have liked, if there wasn’t even a reason for it, then I’ve ever been able to comprehend it.

“And when I don’t even understand why, I’ve ever been able to work out it and then move on.

“&; rsquo;m happier than that which the numbers reveal, let’s ’s say that! ”

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull Racing RB14

Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull Racing RB14


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