UFC 232 is moving in Las Vegas to Los Angeles on six days notice later Jon Jones had an abnormal drug evaluation result which forced a large change to your card.

UFC president Dana White announced the headlines headlines on ESPN on Sunday a USADA drug evaluation administered by Dec. 9 triggered an optimistic effect for trace amounts of Turinabol, the same substance that Jones tested positive for a year following a fight Daniel Cormier.

UFC officials assert a minuscule amount was discovered at Jones’ sample. A conclusion was then made that the beneficial evaluation wasn’t brought about by Jones carrying the drug again but rather a residual figure left handed from his previous good drug evaluation in 2017.

According to the UFC, USADA would not punish Jones to the good drug test but the Nevada State Athletic Commission didn’t feel comfortable moving ahead together with his fight as scheduled contrary to alexandergustafsson on Dec. 29 at vegas.

The Nevada Commission released a statement a short time past confirming plans to hold a hearing regarding Jones’ doping history in January.

“Following extensive analysis of Mr. Jones’ earlier 18 weeks of USADA in- and out-of-competition anti-doping drug testing benefits, Director Bennett, Chair Marnell, along with Mr. Jones agree he will be in an evidentiary hearing at January.  This will permit to get a measured, thoughtful, and thorough discussion of his anti-doping analyzing protocol and consequences and provide an opportunity for the NSAC to determine the suitable path forward for him personally in Nevada.  We anticipate to his own hearing. ”

California recently held a hearing which enabled Jones to receive his permit back after his previous failed drug evaluation in July 2017 and because of their familiarity with his situation, they believed comfortable sanctioning the fight handed the recent evaluation results.

Jones will face no sanction from USADA as a consequence of the abnormal drug evaluation when they suspended him 15 weeks due to his previous infraction of the UFC’s anti-doping policy.

UFC 232 will proceed together with Jones vs. Gustafsson while the headliner however there’s been no word out of the UFC online ticket sales to the big event now that it’s moved in Las Vegas to Los Angeles.


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