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UFC president Dana White and Jeff Novitsky, vice president of athlete performance and health, appeared on ESPN on Sunday to announce the movement and to spell out the Jon Jones drug evaluation abnormality that led them to produce the move.

Jones was sidelined to get an anti-doping breach for the past year 5 . He was cleared by California, where in fact the fight relevant to the offense occurred, leaving him open to chase his license in Nevada to get UFC 232. He is scheduled to fight alexandergustafsson for the UFC light heavyweight championship in the major event.

A Dec. 9 evaluation by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, which administers the UFC’s Anti-Doping Policy, discovered that a residual quantity of the same substance for which he had just been cleared, turinabol. It was a sum that USADA didn’t think about a positive result and for which it wouldn’t normally sanction Jones.

“Both USADA and global anti-doping experts told this wasn’t a re-ingestion of a banned substance, it was staying effects from the July 2017 positive evaluation — for he was already sanctioned,” Novitzky said on ESPN. “And probably more importantlyhe keeps no performance-enhancing advantages of the small presence of the substance. ”

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Notified of the result, Nevada officials didn’t believe they had sufficient time to properly vet the evaluation result in compliance with Jones’ drug testing report, and ergo wouldn’t be able to rule on Jones’ instance in time to get UFC 232 on Saturday. And so the UFC made the decision to move the event from Nevada to Los Angeles.

“Let’s make this clear, this isn’t another breach. This is really just a residual effect from the July 2017 favorable evaluation,” Novitsky left clear.

Regardless of the outcome of the fight, Jones will nevertheless be asked to proceed before the Nevada State Athletic Commission in January to get a thorough discussion of his anti-doping testing protocol and outcomes and offer a chance for the NSAC to determine the proper path forward for him in Nevada.


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