Philadelphia 76ers shield Markelle Fultz‘s representative, Raymond Brothers, told ESPN that his client is currently progressing well in rehab on his right shoulder and that he anticipates Fultz to come back to the team this season.

“we would like to ensure he’s 100 percent and healthy once he can come back,” Brothers told ESPN on Tuesday.

So far, Brothers said that Fultz has been regaining strength and freedom in his right shoulder, that the agent considers will improve a jump shooter shape that has neglected the 2017 NBA draft’s No. 1 overall choice hence far from the league.

Brothers said there’s no timetable on a reunite to get Fultz, apart from he expects him to be back during the regular season. Fultz re-joined the 76ers for their Christmas Day game in Boston on Tuesday and can return to Los Angeles, where he’s been working under the supervision of health practitioners and trainers considering departing the team three weeks past.

Sixers general director Elton Brand told reporters Saturday that he had been unsure regarding a potential yield for Fultz this season and expected an update in a few weeks.

After meeting with different pros in November and early December, Brothers explained that Fultz was diagnosed with an illness known as thoracic outlet syndrome.

On the recommendation of Brothers, Fultz seen multiple pros in late November and early December, consultations that led in their attracting this identification straight back to the company.

There has been a Sixers health club member on all of the visits to the pros.

Fultz, 20, has seen lots of pros in the past calendar year, beyond his care with the 76ers’ training staff.

Brothers advised the Sixers on Nov. 21 that Fultz would look for additional remarks on his shoulder before a return to the court a decision that the company has left Fultz along with his government team.

Fultz has got the capacity to handle and follow through on long jump shots, and there has been internal and outside debate regarding how much with this vexing circumstance is physical vs. mental.

“There’s no way you’re the No. 1 choice on the planet and all of a sudden you aren’t able to consistently raise your arms to take a basketball. Some thing is physically wrong. Now we’ve got the answer to that issue.”

Before Fultz resigned Nov. 21, it seemed that the majority of his moments were starting to go to backup shield T.J. McConnell.


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