UFC welterweight Alex Oliveira endured a strange harm on Christmas eve at Brazil.

Born and raised at Tres Rios, a small town located 80 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, the fighter known as “Cowboy” went along to get petrol for his mommy ’s car Monday night after he saw members of his own family in an altercation. Oliveira ceased his vehicle, and moments later a grenade was thrown in his leadership.

MMA Fighting confirmed the news after the UFC fighter himself clarified the situation to local outlet TV Rio Sul.

“They had knives, machetes , a grenade. They threw a grenade. Fragments flew into my leg and my foot. ”

Oliveira went along to a local hospital and underwent a small surgery on his leg to remove the fragments, then he also told TV Rio Sul. He moved along to police later that day to help officers understand exactly happened.

The Brazilian welterweight had 38 stitches within his forehead after the struggle.


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