UFC women’s featherweight winner Cris Cyborg did hard to create a legion of fans over the course of her career, which is the reason why she stays so loyal to them in the lead up for her struggles.

The group she predicts ‘Cyborg Nation’ has become a huge part of her struggles regardless of where she competes. Regrettably, Cyborg learned combined with the remainder of the world two weeks ago that UFC 232 would be moving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles under a week until the card was set to happen, which meant lots of her fans traveling to the struggle were abandoned out in the could.

Even the UFC’s decision to proceed the struggle came after Jon Jones had a drug test came back with adverse benefits even though he faces no more punishment in USADA, the Nevada State Athletic Commission didn’t even have the time to look into the situation and felt uncomfortable allowing the card to proceed forward with him still competing.

As opposed to pull him out of the card, the UFC chosen to proceed the whole event to The Forum in Los Angeles with fans who’ve already purchased nonrefundable flights and hotels to Las Vegas clearly miserable today that their travel plans are destroyed.

From the very first edition of her UFC 232 struggle blog, Cyborg watches the headlines headlines together with everyone since UFC president Dana White admits that the card is currently moving to la.

“I would like to struggle,” Cyborg said in her blog. “I simply feel upset in my fans, the individuals who bought a ticket along with family that were going to come. However, my attention will last ” I ’m likely to struggle Amanda. It doesn’t matter . I just think this is truly mad because individuals bought ticketsmade plans for family to be in Las Vegas. Inside my own mind, I’m training, I’m ready, I’ve been ready for this struggle quite a while ago.

“I must say I don’t even desire to change the day. However, I’m sad [fans] who can’t make it to L.A.”

Several fans have expressed anger and outrage over the UFC’s decision to go the card with many people traveling from as far as Australia and South Africa to see the struggles only to possess their whole travel plans upended because the show is no more happening in Las Vegas.

Check out the remainder of the video blog to visit Cyborg’s no reaction in addition to her preparation just days out of the struggle Amanda Nunes in the UFC 232 co-main event.


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