Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp says that there was”no excess pressure” on his side while they lead into the second half the top of the premierleague.

The Reds are four points clear of winners Manchester City earlier 26 December’s fixtures.

Klopp’s side are unbeaten in the league and also host Newcastle United on Wednesday (15:00 GMT kick off ).

“There is no celebration, no more happiness than before, just because today we are a few things beforehand,” he said.

“Obviously we have played with an excellent season so much and it offers us a much better basis for your next part of the season than we had last year.

“That’s all. Nothing else.”

The German manager said on Monday which “no body needs to believe safe” in the Premier League title race and insisted Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal – that are third, fourth and fifth respectively – also remain in the hunt with 20 games to playwith.

In eight of the previous ten seasons, the European leaders on Christmas Day have gone on to get the Premier League.

“Always in the present time you feel you are okay – then something happens and it isn’t okay any more.

“We all have to fight. All of us have to get focused, not worried.

“If you wish to have guarantees, select another sport. If you wish to enjoy the ride, to try everything you can to be as successful as you possibly can – friendly. Let’s do it.

“I am quite relaxed. There isn’t any excess pressure on us because of a four-point gap. These types of poker games we usually do not play.”


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