A slap. An bus attack. Shattered glass. Injured fighters. An arrest.

In the conclusion? The highest-selling UFC payperview event of all time.

Conor-mcgregor along with Khabib Nurmagomedov needed a year which was both infamous and exceptionally lucrative. No body left UFC 229 on Oct. 6 at lasvegas looking all that great — maybe not McGregor, maybe not Nurmagomedov and perhaps never the UFC. Yet, all the parties involved made a boat load of cash.

How did it end the way it did? It started weeks ahead of the struggle, a long time before the episode was scheduled.

McGregor and Nurmagomedov had exchanged crap conversation on social networking and in interviews. It reached a fever pitch in UFC 223 at April when Nurmagomedov along with also his team besieged McGregor’s team and friend Artem Lobov, that was fighting on the same card at Brooklyn. Nurmagomedov slapped Lobov for that which he felt was disrespecting him at the Russian press. Both men hail out of the country.

After that week, two days ahead of the event, Nurmagomedov and different struggles from the event were departing press trip to Barclays Center on ABUS when McGregor, that had flown against Ireland, and more than a dozen other men snapped the loading dock at hunt of Nurmagomedov.

Security stopped Nurmagomedov from departing the vehicle. McGregor picked a dolly nearby, conducted ahead of the bus and hurled it at the window. Glass smashed and cascaded onto fighters indoors. Two of these, Michael Chiesa along with Ray Borg, were wounded and forced to take out of their UFC 223 struggles. Chiesa is currently suing McGregor for its incident.

That night, McGregor, the biggest celebrity in the history of this UFC, was arrested on three counts of assault and one count of criminal mischief. In July, he also reached a plea bargain, pleading to disorderly behavior, and got away with community service and no criminal background. The UFC didn’t pursue all sorts of subject against him, though it said it prevented McGregor from accepting any struggles throughout this time period.

Meanwhile in UFC 223, Nurmagomedov battled Al Iaquinta, a overdue night for Max Holloway, that was pulled by the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) due from that which they felt was a tricky weight cut. Nurmagomedov acquired by unanimous decision to win the UFC lightweight name that McGregor formerly held. McGregor hadn’t defended it going straight back again to November 20-16 if he won it and the UFC chose to move the branch on . At least temporarily.

Needless to say, at the 1st voucher for the event and following ones then, the UFC used footage of this bus attack — there is plenty of it, since UFC Embedded cameras were subsequent to fighters out of UFC 223 throughout that year.

Nurmagomedov and McGregor met face to face in a press conference in New York in September. It turned out to be a huge spectacle, simulcast on the mammoth screen in Times Square. Also it got horrible from a verbal point of view. McGregor raised Nurmagomedov’s religion (Islam) and also called his manager Ali Abdelaziz a terrorist. Oh and he also said he’d have murdered Nurmagomedov if he got off the bus straight back in April.

“I just thank the Lord Jesus Christ that man didn’t have the balls to step foot off that bus, or else that the bus door didn’t open, because if this do or did start, this particular man would be dead right now,” McGregor said. “He would be in a carton and I’d take a cell and we’d not have this great struggle in front of us. ”

As unseemly as it can have been, the promotional tactics worked perfectly. Fight week at Las Vegas at October was an unusual one. McGregor was overdue on the pre-fight press conference, which prompted Nurmagomedov to stay and answer questions for 15 minutes and bolt, not wanting to be kept waiting. The two didn’t already have a stare-down that week before a very heated one throughout weigh-ins. The struggle, years before building backed by an incredibly real dislike of each other and everything they stood for, was already sold.

In the Octagon, Nurmagomedov did exactly what he said he’d perform. He enforced his will on McGregor, eventually filing him using a face crank at the fourth round. McGregor had his moments, particularly in the third, however it was Nurmagomedov’s no fight to win against ancient on. He dropped McGregor, the striker, at the 2nd.

The terrible blood didn’t end there. Nurmagomedov lingered near a seated McGregor against the crate and said something to him. McGregor’s corner shouted in Nurmagomedov from Throughout the way. Nurmagomedov walked toward them, in particular McGregor training partner Dillon Danis, and fired his mouthpiece in them against the fence. Then amazingly climbed outside of this cage and attacked Danis, sparking a wild brawl in and outside of this fighting surface. Perhaps buoyed by the UFC’s unwillingness to punish McGregor and team for the bus incident, Nurmagomedov was taking matters in to their own handson.

McGregor hurried across the cage toward his corner and then climbed on the top of it. He was met thereby Nurmagomedov’s team mate Abubakar Nurmagomedov. Both men were pulled by security, Las Vegas Metro police and Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) inspectors.

An ugly build to the struggle got uglier. Nurmagomedov apologized subsequently, but still pointed the finger in McGregor.

“I don’t understand how people are able to chat about ‘I jumped out of the crate,’” Nurmagomedov said. “Worry about, ” he talked about my faith, so he talk about my country, he talk about my dad, he arrived to Brooklyn and he broke bus, so he killed a few folks. Worry about this. Be worried about this sh*t. Why folks speak about ‘I jump over the crate? ’ Why people still speak about this? I don’t know. ”

Individuals are going to be speaking about it for a long time. Regulators still are as we go to the new season.

Nurmagomedov, McGregor among others involved with the post-fight brawl are facing fines and suspensions from the Nevada commission. Their disciplinary hearings were scheduled for Dec. 10, but have been transferred back as a result of inability to come to any kind of reimbursement agreement. There likely won’t be any clarity about how long men will soon probably be outside until the end of January at the very earliest.

That more than likely means that the main story of 2018 will extend far in to 20-19. Nurmagomedov continues to be the UFC lightweight champion and it’s uncertain when he’ll be able to go back to defend his name.

There has been discussion of a bigmoney re match — and make no mistake, it would approach historic PPV numbers — however the long run for both is equally unclear. The two fighters that are great will likely be linked to one another for a long time, regrettably for their springs away from the crate rather than inside it.

However, the amount of cash made and the fans who came out in droves to see it was yet another lesson which mixed martial arts and the UFC are driven by outside-the-cage dramatics and maybe not necessarily true sport.


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