The opportunities carry oncoming to Alexander Hernandez and also he hasn’t even shied from just one nonetheless.

Hernandez had an eventful Year in the UFC to mention the least, debuting on just eight weeks ’ notice Having a 42-second Knock-out of Beneil Dariush in UFC 222 in March and following that up with a unanimous decision win against Olivier Aubin-Mercier in UFC on FOX 30 in Calgary, Alberta, in July. The latter bout was that the 26-year-old’s fight outside of the USA.

He ’s facing the biggest test of his livelihood from Cerrone, a beloved fan favorite who recently broke the record for most wins (2 1 ) and most finishes (15) in UFC history.

“within my mindI don’t even count myself as an underdog against anyone,” Hernandez told MMA Fighting. “I’ve and I am hoping to see myself as a champion. Cerrone, just like anyone else, Trinaldo might have already been, is another part of the ladder into the surface. I’m not over-concerned, the beauty of it is that he has his notoriety, therefore that I ’m so thankful for him for carrying the struggle and allow me to boost my livelihood and grow my own notoriety. Besides that, I’ll treat him like any stepping rock and crush him like a pebble a side.

“There’s nothing special in my own mind about it matchup and the task continues. It’s in contrast to, okay let’s rev-up and train harder. I can’t even train any harder. I train and nothing changes, it never does. I’m just excited to get the chance. ”

Similar to his first UFC fight came to exist, Hernandez couldn’t have experienced this one coming. He’d been told that the UFC was seeking to own him shift opponents from Trinaldo into Cerrone, but wasn’t convinced it was a done deal before it became public. He joked that this kind of news often makes its way into him awkward times.

“When I know, the whole world will know,”” Hernandez stated. “Now you know how I discover half the time? I’m to the shitter and I look at my labeled graphics and I visit 50 of me and a fresh competitor and I know the deal is done. ”

Having said that, Hernandez’s team was doing everything in their capacity to generate the date together with Cerrone happen. The Jan. 1-9 series will be broadcast live on the ESPN+ streaming service, marking the first event of this UFC’s ESPN age, also Hernandez was chosen as an perfect competition to match with Cerrone to upgrade the card.

Though he’s sympathetic to Trinaldo to its lost struggle, he didn’t even hesitate when the call came back to take on Cerrone alternatively.

“” I was simply pleasantly surprised,” Hernandez stated. “The option came one night such as many great options perform along with my manager, I get those texts, and also you ’re stricken with fright or overwhelmingly excited whenever you get all those ‘Call me ASAP’ over and over again texts — I’m always training I’m not in my phone often. So he’s Facetiming me, this ’s how I know he’s very excited about something, and I Facetime back him and he presented the option that Sean Shelby brought to usthat they have to boost up and bolster this ESPN card January 19th. Cerrone’SA huge household name and they looked for me personally to provide the chance to fight him and I was merely overwhelmingly happy with that.

“I really expect theyrsquo;re caring of Trinaldo and becoming him strung up accordingly and getting him a struggle, because that’s shitty to merely have the carpet pulled from under your toes. I expect that they do take care of himbut we had to seize this opportunity. ”

Hernandez’s plan is to make that the Cerrone fight the first of three or four reservations that he’d like to take in 2019. Outside of 2013, the Texan hasn’t was able to struggle more than double in any given year plus then now also he ’so determined to improve that.

Even before being matched up with Cerrone, Hernandez was visualizing where he stands with the elite of this UFC’s light weight branch. Asked what he removed from becoming to watch two of their best in 155 pounds move , Hernandez pointed into their ability to innovate as well as their mental strength, while adding that he doesn’t even view himself to be far off from that level of contest.

“This has been a dog fight,” Hernandez stated. “This ’s the thing that was so notable about that struggle could be the composure and heart that both those gents showed since they got put into super adverse, questionable scenarios where they may have lost a struggle and subsequently came back and really battled hard. This has been the very striking part of the struggle and ’s exactly what I’m attempting to last, being on that principal stage and becoming that composure and being able to just press, media, press, not let little swings in a round or anything such as that set you back at all mentally. That’s exactly what I took away most from that struggle that I tip my hat off for them and was impressed with both of them — and they’ve ever been in existence for quite a while therefore ’s to be likely.

“However as much as skill and quality goes, I don’t even think anyone is ahead of me personally. ”


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