Dependent on the ages of both fighters, one would assume that the 23-year-old Lubin may possess too much for its 40-year-old Smith. That may not be the case though. Lubin is still very raw at the point in his career, and lacking from the adventure that Smith has going for him. Perhaps more importantly, Lubin doesn’t even possess blazing hands and superior technical boxing abilities. He’s good fighter, but not unbeatable. Smith has a genuine chance in this struggle if he is able to access to Lubin’s chin like Jermall Charlo did. Lubin left a significant mistake in his struggle Charlo by stripping his head in front of him. Charlo took advantage of that by hitting him with a chopping right hand to knock him out.

Lubin, 23, is making his next fight since losing to former World Boxing Council light middle weight champion Jermell Charlo with a 1st round knock out this past year on October 14, 2017. Moments into the struggle, Lubin took a big right hand on the surface of the mind in Charlo that put down him. Lubin was concussed by the shooter, and unable to get back up regardless of how hard he tried. Lubin bounced back from this loss to overcome journeyman Silverio Ortiz (37-23, 18 KOs) with a 4th round knock out last April. Lubin was outside from the ring from the time. By the time Lubin does face Smith, he’ll been inactive for 10 months. That’s clearly not the kid of activity that you’d love to see from a contender like Lubin, however ’s his present situation.

Smith comes into his struggle with with Lubin having a 2-fight losing series. Smith was defeated by Tony Harrison with a close 10 round split decision on May 11. Considering that Harrison defeated Jermell Charlo with a 12 round unanimous decision last Saturday night to get the WBC junior middleweight title, it’s not looking so bad now that Ishe was defeated by Tony earlier this year. Before that, Smith lost to the exceptionally rated former 154 pound domain challenger Julian ‘J Rock ’ Williams with a 10 round unanimous decision this past year in November. Despite being an elderly fighter at 40, Smith still has a lot from the tank. He’s not an over the hill fighter by any stretch of the imagination.

Lubin possesses the punching power to knock-out Smith when he access to his brow often enough. None of these guys could knock Smith out. Lubin doesn’t hit as hard as most of the fighters, however if he could score a knock out of Smith on February 9, it would be a significant achievement. It’d show that he’s got the ind of ability to overcome a still very great fighter.

A loss for Lubin in this struggle would be a significant blow to his career. It’s one thing losing to a explosive young fighter like Jermell Charlo, and also a much different thing in becoming beaten with an elderly guy like 40-year-old Ishe Smith. It won’t even be the conclusion of Lubin’s career if he dropped to Smith, nonetheless it’ll be a very clear signal that drastic changes would require to be manufactured for him to turn matters around. Lubin might have to look at getting a new trainer, because if he is able to ’t even beat an older fringe level fighter like Smith, he’s not moving anywhere at 154.


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