Gunnar Nelson is well famous for his stoic demeanor and entry savvy, but people near him understand that he is also an avid gamer.

On a recent visit to Mjolnir for training, SBG welterweight, Peter Queally, cited Nelson’so love for game take ’em up within a Insta-gram post.

In a recent interview using Eurobash, Nelson talked of his passion for the franchise and different video games.

“I’m playing the newest one today, I was playing it a bit earlier. I start playing then 3 a tiny bit, however, it was that I played mostly. I didn’t even like the WW2 one, ” I ’m more of a glance/movement kind of guy. This one is only just a little bit quicker so that I do like. I play a little Fortnite too. ”

Nelson thinks he’ll follow ldquo;Mighty Mouse” down that avenue, much like UFC bantamweight,” Sean O’Malley, has.

“I think I’ll,” Nelson replied when asked if we’d want to consider beginning to stream his gambling sessions. “I think I finally am, my good friends keep telling to start streaming and stuff. I probably will. I have to acquire a proper setup and that sort of material, but I think I really will. ”


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