Are groups allowed to operate the Camry at the NASCAR Xfinity Series at 2019 or simply the Supra?

Everett, Thank you to that question via twitter. In accordance with NASCAR, the Camry could be used in any respect events however superspeedways at the 2019 season. – Jim Utter

Just how long will NASCAR continue using v 8 push rod engines if no manufacturer is attempting to sell cars using that old design now? Is a contemporary V-6 like Australian Super Cars needed? – By Hugh  

Hugh, there has been a good deal of debate in recent years about today’s”update” into NASCAR’s engines to produce them longer in accordance with production prototype cars. However, NASCAR has been work with 90-degree pushrod V8s for two important reasons – the simplicity of the engine, which assists regarding policing teams’ production of these ; and by an expense perspective, they tend to be far less expensive. 

NASCAR will at some time – likely at the urging of its manufacturers – maneuver toward a more contemporary V6 later on, but only when the game and its own teams are still in good enough financial shape to keep the burden of this evolution along with change over costs associated with this type of movement.  – Jim Utter

After Danica was hurrying all the authors ripped on her behalf for her driving operation along with also her lack of wins in NASCAR. She has been finished , why have all of the writers gone silent on criticizing other NASCAR drivers. J.J. Yeley has raced for over 14 years at NASCAR running in all of the series and has NEVER won a race….in some set. Yet, not a word of criticism from most of the pros on his album. Or for the fact that there are different drivers competing and have never won a race. I really don’t get it! – By Ed  

Ed, a lot of the criticism of Danica Patrick’s operation in NASCAR failed to stem because she’d not won a race, but rather in her entire tenure in NASCAR she had been correlated with top notch teams, if it be at the Xfinity or Celtics series. Nearly 99 per cent of their time, drivers at those rides aren’t getting contract extensions keep people rides very long if they put up the outcome Patrick did. Nobody driving for anyone teams is likely to seriously compete for race wins, which explains the reason those drivers do not receive criticism, aside from much media policy whatsoever. Patrick, however, received boatloads of media policy for hardly any on-track results. – Jim Utter

Ultimately, after the summer season is one-third complete and NASCAR realizes this newest change doesn’t work….what will they do afterward? – By Sam

If anything, there might be minor alterations, but do not expect it to become touched otherwise. However, for it’no longer working’,” NASCAR was really pleased in what they saw at the all star Race and has done extensive testing ever since then. Although the racing purist in me isn’t the bundle’s greatest fan, the aim is create more intriguing races with tons of passing opportunities and close finishes. This package will deliver that. – Nick DeGroot

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