It was on that day after Toro Rosso confirmed its switch from Renault to Honda engines for its 2018 season, in that which was the first measure which paved the way for Red Bull to follow suit a year after.

The animosity between the energy drinks giant and the French engine manufacturer was public for a little while after Renault had neglected to deliver the kind of competitive engine which had forced the partnership the one to overcome 2010 to 2013, a period during which Red Bull procured at least four drivers’ and constructors’ championships and an overall total of 4 1 grandprix wins.

But Renault, whose relationship with Red Bull had began in 2007, was powerless to transport its form if Formula 1’s hybrid kicked off at 2014. Despite that, the team was Mercedes’ closest competition at the beginning of the German’s squad dominating cycle of the activity, scoring three wins – albeit finishing almost 300 points supporting the all-conquering Silver Arrows.

In an attempt to meet up with Mercedes, Renault made drastic changes to its power unit to its 2015 season, a decision that ended up back firing, together with neither performance nor reliability being truly fully a game not merely for Mercedes, but now also Ferrari. As a result, Red Bull ended the year without any down and falls at fourth place in the standings with only 185 points.

It was evident throughout the 2015 season that Red Bull had had enough and began talks with Mercedes, Ferrari and the fighting Honda in its search for a brand new engine for 20-16, all that amid risks of quitting Formula inch when it continued to struggle to coincide with the front-running teams, even together with Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz moving up to saying Renault had”destroyed” the team enjoyment of F1. It was time for a shift.

However, the political and competitive landscape of the sport meant Red Bull so on found itself without some options but to stick with Renault for another year. Unable to make deals with Mercedes and Ferrari, a potential move to Honda has been vetoed by then-McLaren leader Ron Dennis, that blocked a potential agreement on the causes which the Japanese supplier required to concentrate entirely on its engine along with McLaren amid all the ability and reliability issues the ability unit had faced since rejoining the grid in 2014.

From the conclusion Red Bull had no option but to stick with Renault, a partnership that from 20-16 would see the team working on the French engines but using the TAG Heuer badge to these , a decision seen as another sign of their deteriorating relationship between team and engine manufacturer.

Since Red Bull tired of Renault, McLaren found itself trying to find a way out of its partnership with Honda, which had failed to produce a competitive engine to its 20 17 season. After the infamous break-up, which entailed several months and several parties agreeing to distinct objects, McLaren ended up using Renault engines as Red Bull chose to strike a bargain with Honda for Toro Rosso for 2018.

A trouble free preseason resulted in an infinitely more promising start than in prior decades, also Toro Rosso fast established it self as a hazard for points, its fourth-place finish in Bahrain the highlight of the year.

From them , the growing season was far from eloquent, and advancement wasn’t as strong as the Bahrain effect indicated, but there wasn’t any doubt that Honda had finally figured out just how to construct an adequate hybrid . By June, Red Bull had seen enough to help make a decision to combine forces with the Japanese marque for 2019 and beyond.

The movement is both seen as a gamble plus also an option for both Red Bull and Honda: the team finally has the works bargain it so desired, but – despite all of the positive sounds it has made since the arrangement has been announced – knows that it takes the engine to consider a step forward in order to give it a chance to struggle to the title.

For Honda, at its sixth season since its return to F1, there’ll be no more excuses: it has to show it could deliver to the promise seen this year. With plenty of expertise along with a front-running team’s support, all of the ingredients are currently set up, therefore there will be no where to hide.

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Toro Rosso Honda mechanics work in the garage next to the Brendon Hartley Toro Rosso STR13

Photo by: Andy Hone / LAT Images


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