PITTSBURGH — Bill Belichick outlined why teams wouldn’t want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers from the playoffs, if they create it.

“They have lots of other guys, too, but those two receivers are all elite. E lite, e lite. ”

However, while Belichick adopts his Patriots for what resembles yet another first-round playoff bye, the Steelers are losers of four of five games, together using shaky play off prospects despite having a receiving duo for those ages.

Smith-Schuster (106 catches for 1,389 yards) and Brown (104 catches for 1,297 yards) have come to be the NFL’s fifth largest team-mate combination to have 100 catches and 1,200 receiving yards in the exact same season, and so they have a game to play.

The final pair to strike at the 100-1,200 club has been Denver’s Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders in 2014.

Not one of those duos made an excellent Bowl in those seasons, but it’s impressive nonetheless. John Stallworth and Lynn Swann will forever live in Steelers folklore for his or her Super Bowl pedigree in radio, however, the Smith-Schuster/Brown combo could struggle for franchise-duo supremacy soon enough.

Brown and Smith-Schuster accounted for 300 of’ Steelers’ 380 receiving metres (78.9 per cent ) and 64.5 percent of this team’s overall offense in a 31-28 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

Ostensibly, the Steelers could pass 75 percent of the full time whilst primarily targeting two different players and get the offense they need.

For the summer season, the duo has 324 goals, significantly more than 50 percent of the Steelers’ passing game.

The two are producing therefore consistently that defenses are having a more difficult time keeping up, tight end Vance McDonald explained.

“Late in the summer, it’s extremely difficult for teams to successfully handle putting two guys on a b and sustain the level of competition defending guys one-on-one,” McDonald explained. “Surely in this last match we believed with our attack they didn’t have the weapons to keep up with us in five-wide.”

All of this equates with Roethlisberger’s largest season statistically. His 3 3 touchdown passes are a profession and a single-season franchise record.

Without Le’Veon Bell for the summer season and James Conner the previous 3 matches, the Steelers have expanded their passing game versatility, and teammates think that attack could result in serious damage in the play offs.

“We pride ourselves on having a fantastic offense,” shield David DeCastro explained. “This team is still playing pretty well. We’re simply finding ways to lose games that are really close.”

The Steelers have the league’s fourth-ranked total offense without a consistent No. 3 receiver. McDonald is plainly the third option with 47 catches, 571 yards and 4 touchdowns, however, McDonald states that the Steelers haven’t tapped into their whole potential due to a rookie.

“If James Washington understands how good he is, it will soon probably be even harder [for defenses],” said McDonald, who adds that Washington’s ability is undeniable but he wants to play more confidently. The second-round choice has 13 catches for 153 yards.

Until Washington catches up, the Steelers have arguably the best receiver in Brown and also an emerging top-10 guy who Belichick says is untrue in any offense.

“He’S-A lively player, enormous player,” Belichick said of Smith-Schuster. “Really good with the ball in his palms, wonderful hands. Makes some spectacular catches, hard to manage. He’s very good. ”


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