PHILADELPHIA — there aren’t any symptoms of shrines from the Eagles locker room this week, rescue what remains of Chris Long‘s homage to Nick Foles, but the players feel cosmically connected yet moving into Week 17.

“We are going to produce a run. I feel as if we’re going to win this game and also the world will help us do this item,” said defensive end Brandon Graham. “All I know is that I feel a whole lot better. Clearly I have not cleaned out my locker because I’m feeling real good about my opportunities “

Two things need to occur Sunday for the defending champs to get in to the playoffs: The Eagles need to Succeed at the Washington Redskins, and also the Chicago Bears need to beat the Minnesota Vikings in Minnesota. Philly is now a Seven Point favorite, while the Bears have been 4.5-point underdogs.

“I don’t care that he predicted. I truly don’t,” Vikings coach Mike Zimmer reacted . “I did not hear that. But I don’t care that Doug calls or that anyone calls”

What matters more is if Nagy makes the decision to play with his starters for the full 60 minutes. While he’s left some wiggle room should the L.A. Rams take out to a huge lead against the 49ers (a Rams win could provide them the No. 2 seed, even bending Chicago from the No. 3 seed regardless of this Vikings-Bears outcome),” Nagy said he feels Chicago is at a posture where they “have to play to win” given that there’s at least a opportunity to improve its seeding.

“Hopefully the Bears don’t sit starters,” Graham said. “There is a lot of stuff happening. Clearly, I’m in to it. … The Vikings have a major chance against the Bears but at the end of the day, I like our chances provided that we take care of business Sunday.”

That has been the main point of focus for the Eagles this week making sure that they hold up their end of the bargain. It’s played out again and in this group in which a team ends up with a play off berth slide through their fingers due to their inability to close the deal.

The Eagles don’t have to look far to get a stranger stories.

“We lost on like the last play of this game [to this Cincinnati Bengals], 4th and [12], that is how Buffalo got in the play offs. Hopefully it turns out a lot better for all of us this season “

The lesson isn’t lost on his teammates. Graham said it’d be described as a”tragedy” if the Eagles wind up with an chance to make it in the postseason and fail to capitalize.

“We’ve got a game to play,” added defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. “We’ve got a game to prepare for. We need to get this game right here in order to get in the postseason. And I believe that is what’s most essential for the locker room at the moment.”


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