Twotime super featherweight winner Gervonta “Tank” Davis along with three-division world winner Abner Mares went face for the first time Thursday at a press conference in la as Davis defends his WBA title against Mares on Saturday, February 9 live on SHOWTIME® at a event posed with Premier Boxing Champions from StubHub Center at Carson, Calif..

(Photo credit: Scott Hirano/SHOWTIME)

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The SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING main-event promises fireworks and high stakes activity as both men make their fan-friendly fashions to the ring. Here’s What the press seminar participants had to mention Thursday from the Conga Room at L.A. Live:


“I feel that Abner Mares can be a future Hall of Famer because he’therefore fought so many top notch guys. This is big for me because this is my first time being a most important event from the U.S. and I only feel blessed to be here.

“In 20-19, I would like to make a big statement not only in the ring but by letting the boxing world understand that I’m the following star. I’m aiming to headline a pay per view by 2020 if every thing goes . I’ve got great battles arranged for next year, without looking beyond Abner.

“Just as soon as I got off the airplane I went straight to the fitness center and got a few work in with some guys there. February 9I’m convinced it will be sold outside and I’m so pretty convinced I am the next boxing star.

“I’t always known you simply can ’t exceed anybody in the ring. You’ve got to check over your competition like theyrsquo;r e equal to you. I understand just what I have in me.

“I don’t understand very well what Abner sees, but he had been sure he required to carry this fight so clearly he sees something. I’ve got power, speed, movement and really a mixture of what. I feel I’MA better fighter .

I’m coming to get Abner Mares out there.

“I needed to fight Abner Mares outside within Southern California. Floyd Mayweather battled Arturo Gatti in his own hometown and ’s basically what I’t performing here. ”


“1 evening I just thought to myself this fight against Gervonta Davis would be a wonderful matchup and I can acquire it. There are additional big conflicts at feather weight which I could have gotten. I’m carrying this struggle because of the task it brings. I’m about this.

I’MA winner every time I struggle. I come to prove people wrong and perform. Not too many folks do that today.

“& We ’ll already have 50 percentage of the struggle won just by having a good corner, a good team and a wonderful plan. The other 50 percent is all up into the fighter to execute. 1 thing is having the game plan on your mind nonetheless it’s another thing to go around and execute that match program.

“& We ’re not just entering this struggle blind. I’m carrying this struggle because I see something in he. It’s a difficult struggle, undoubtedly. All conflicts are not tough. He’s in for a Great fight. At the close of the day, you guys need to stop worrying about my body weight and should I’m overly tiny. You guys will receive yourself a wonderful struggle and ’s all that things. Relax, look pretty and enjoy the struggle.

“You can’t compare Jesus Cuellar into Gervonta Davis. I know some people wished to compare the way I did against Cuellar and how Davis did against Cuellar, but he fought him 2 yrs afterwards I did. It makes no more sense. Gervonta Davis has another style than Cuellar and it’therefore going to be quite a good fight. He’s an exciting fighter plus he’SA fighter. He’SA fighter that deals punches so it makes for a fantastic struggle.

“People will identify me as somebody who took on every one. Folks say this will be a brand new style for me personally, but I’t seen them all. This is a team ‘without any more fear’ and we’re going to get this happen. ”

CALVIN FORD, Davis’ Trainer

“This really is a terrific chance for all of us to go up against the fantastic team which Abner Mares and Robert Garcia make. We’ve ever been seeing these for a long time and we’re looking forward to it.

“& We ’ve been doing so for many years. We understand that if it’s time to lock , we’ll be locked . Sparring was moving well. We’re just taking our time and doing what we have to accomplish to prepare yourself. We’ve got a wonderful team and everybody does their part. It’s our time and energy to reveal what we’re capable of.

I am ’t wait patiently for everybody to see it. ”

“Abner is extremely motivated. We have quite strong sparring spouses and he’s doing a fantastic job while in the fitness center already. Come February 9, everybody else else is in for a surprise. I admire Gervonta Davis along with his team, but I think Abner is hungrier and looking to get history.

“This really will be a great fight. We’re excited to see a fantastic crowd of fans around to enjoy a struggle that’therefore going to be full of activity.

“We know this is a tough challenge. I consider this like the Adrien Broner vs. Marcos Maidana combat. Exactly like Davis, they said Broner is flashy, dangerous and that. But you all know very well what happened. Same thing will happen this time around. ”

“This really is a struggle the fans wanted. Both of these guys have gone forth and back on societal media and I’m so excited that theyrsquo;re going to finally get at the ring on February 9.

“Davis vs. Mares can be a thrilling matchup between two very proficient warriors. You can’t expect anything but fantastic fireworks out of this fight.

He’s exciting when he comes in to the ring, ” he doesn’t play matches. That style will produce this electrifying matchup.

He’s all of the ingredients it takes to be a massive star. He knows he has room to enhance and he wants to get better. He has an enormous skill set and also you ’t only gotten a glimpse of everything Gervonta Davis brings to the table so far.

“Abner Mares really wanted this fight. Any time a fighter goes out of the way to state ‘I need that guy’, the biggest and handsome man from the branch, which speaks volumes into the confidence which Abner Mares has. He’therefore exhibited that in every of his fights and he consistently performs at the maximum level. ”

RICHARD SCHAEFER, Chairman & CEO of Ringstar Sports

“This really is a fun matchup happening at the ideal venue. This really is a wonderful struggle to get 20-19 going. May the best man win.

“I want to thank both fighters to coming together to get this fight happen. This really is only one which had been brewing for some time. Gervonta Davis might be the better fighter in his own branch and now then he ’s one of the inventors who are able to talk the talk and walk the walk.

“Abner Mares has always sought out the very difficult challenges in front of him. He is just a legend in this sport and one of the greatest fighters to ever come out of Mexico. All these are the kinds of challenges which make Abner what he could be in this sport.

“Gervonta Davis is one of the rising stars of the sport and Mares is one of its mythical champions. Once you put those two together, the ones that will win will be the struggle fans.

“People are excited about it fight. Fans know that you don’t ever want to count out a fantastic winner like Abner Mares. This is of course a dangerous struggle for Mares, that’so good Gervonta Davis is, but he sees how he could win this fight. ”