“It is an opportunity for me to go around and play with my game slightly longer. I believe I’m going to be a tiny extra ball dominant, cutting off the basketball. I need to play even better defense and also become to the helpside on the defensive end. So it’s the opportunity I want to just my game up a bit.”

Yet last season the Lakers failed to win their 20th match until Feb. 2. This season, they secured it Christmas Day with a rousing 127-101 success within the Golden State Warriors. That is to say, if Ingram’s personal stats have suffered at all, it has come in the spirit of winning matches.

Lakers trainer Luke Walton said he had been interested to see who measures to lift the Lakers’ spirits with two of these most vocal leaders in James and Rondo away from the team, staying back in Los Angeles to rehab their individual strained groin and sprained right ring finger injuries.

“The trap is to use to fill those openings by wanting to accomplish more separately,” Walton explained. “And how we now need to fill those openings will be to play unselfishly and keep to trust that the pass, carry on to trust your team mate. Brandon’s likely to get back to playing far more of that point guard position such as he did this past year and also a little sooner in 2013. But we need everybody to proceed to play with how we’ve been all year.”

It is not known for the length of time that the Lakers is likely to be short handed. In terms of Rondo, Walton said it can return to pain tolerance.

“everything depends on how he can handle the annoyance,” Walton explained. “So we’re kind of just carrying it day-by-day right today to see at which he wants to proceed with it, observe how awful that hands is damaging. But he could be out for a while or else he could be out for a few days. It all just depends.”

The Lakers may Secure JaVale McGee back Thursday. He has missed the previous five games with a respiratory disease and flu-like outward symptoms that led in brief bout of pneumonia. He chose the visit to Sacramento, engaged in certain of shootaround and is officially listed as questionable for the match, however, Walton said”not” if asked if McGee would play.

That leaves others such as Ingram and Josh Hart, who’ll begin in James’ place against the Kings, to get the slack.

“I feel that it’s just like all of us from this past 12 months,” Ingram explained. “We simply have a great deal of young guys that’s grown in this league, I think. We’re a year older today so we’ve seen some matters and we’ve experienced some matters we only head out and play with our basketball matches. We all know very well what direction to go and we’ve seen a lot of things we only proceed to push it to the border.”

It may be considered a defining moment in the Lakers’ season, should they stay afloat in James’ absence.

“The way we view it it’s every game’s exactly the same, it has us getting us trying to acquire our matches,” Walton explained. “So this stretch is going to be very important for us. But so far as this specific match, no. But this stretch of matches coming up, yeah, this is a significant stretch for us, for certain .”


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