“The bar’s been set high,” Kerr said after Wednesday’s practice. You guys have set the bar quite high. So what takes on just a little greater feeling of urgency when it comes to what happens across the team. We’re maybe probably one of the most scrutinized team in the annals of the league. We’re immediately with all an Bulls teams I played on. I sensed exactly the exact same, but even moreso now because of the number of media outlets as well as also the immediacy of their judgement and criticism. So it’s part of itour guys have heard how to manage most that within the previous couple of years. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the way you answer a terrible loss, into a terrible stretch, to injuries. Provided that you continue reacting, maintain arriving to work, keep sticking together, keep working, very great stuff are going to occur. That is exactly what in my opinion for this particular class.”

Kerr’s optimism stems from the simple fact that his proud group was through all sorts of ups and downs within the previous five seasons since he became head trainer. Stillthis year was hard for many different reasons, since Kerr as well as the Warriors have suffered five declines of 20 or more points to the first time at the Kerr age, in accordance with ESPN Stats & Information.

“We have got plenty of guys who’ve undergone everything in this league to rely on that adventure. We rely one of the team, however we continue pressing. We continue trying to improve. There’s a reason we’ve exercise daily, there is a reason why you guys appear every single day and reveal we. It’s really a journey, it is really a lengthy journey. Like I said, it’s really a more arduous one this year than it’s been before only because of the conditions. So it’s part of this, we are going to get it through, we are going to get much better. We are going to see what goes on.”

The Warriors head into Thursday’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers with already lost four games at Oracle Arena by 20 or more points. They have the second best listing at the Western Convention.

Fans celebrity Kevin Durant isn’t concerned with his team’s recent losses, despite the fact that many fans and press are wondering if the Warriors may secure a third consecutive NBA title this season for the first time since the 2000 02 Lakers.

“Some people… it don’t really mean a thing to me personally as it comes to using a basketball livelihood. I meanI don’t understand how to answer that question because we don’t speak about people once we are available . Only If I sit right down and talk intoy’all. I meanI respect your comments and what, but you guys don’t really thing once you measure on the courtroom,” Durant said, fixing the press. “We can not consider everything you guys are referring to us when we lose a game or we are struggling. You must concern yourself with being the greatest players and the best team we may be, and that’s our focus daily.

“after all, they just need content that is new,” Durant said. “so that it’s really a very long season. If you got a job which you must work on each single day covering basketball, you need some thing out the norm, understand what I mean? Kind-of [want ] some small fun at work, and that means that you must dread just a little bit on the surface, but on the inside that I feel like we understand we aren’t playing and we should but we understand we got a long season ahead”

It’s the exact message Kerr has relayed publicly often times as the season began.

Several players took people responsibility following the Warriors’ loss to the Lakers, for example All-Star forward Draymond Green, who was frustrated with how he has been playing, but Durant noted that he did not believe Green was to blame for your Warriors’ recent conflicts.

“I actually don’t believe that,” Durant said. “I actually don’t believe that he messed the crime up. I don’t believe it is solely on him. Obviously we want Draymond to be aggressive”

Green is just 11-for-49 from 3-point range this year, also Durant, such as the remainder of his team mates, is hopeful he’ll bust out of his slump out of long range soon.

“I hate when he’s attempting to pass when he needs to take. I tell him that all the time. That is tough to figure out that as a person specially when their game is facilitating and getting everybody involved — should show that on and consider yourself. It’s not selfishness but it’s just that we desire that for us to really be good. It’s quite unselfishness once you head around and become the best player you can be scoring the basketball some times. And Draymond is a guy that people trust and believe to knock down those shots and make some thing for us. I actually don’t think he likes it or we don’t want it if he’s among conclusions, and that I thought I seen that once or twice. Misses and turnovers, like who cares. Only the between and him hesitating, we want him to become more aggressive”


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