Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino says getting into the club’s new arena will”help the team to attain more”.

Spurs sit second in the Premier League table, six points behind leaders Liverpool, that Pochettino says play in a”party”-like atmosphere at Anfield.

Tottenham’s fresh 62,062-seat ground, located at the old White Hart Lane site, was expected to open in August but is currently expected to prepare early in 20-19.

Pochettino says Spurs will proceed around in”as soon as the brand new arena is willing”.

Tottenham are currently playing their home games in Wembley – where they be at Bournemouth 5-0 on Wednesday – but the Wembley is eager to get started playing”right as you possibly can” in”our new house”.

“To play in your stadium is the best thing that may happen in life,” he added.

“It is going to be a enormous boost for your team. It will likely be a place where the fans will help the team to reach greater.

“There is no doubt. I am so content using Wembley but to morrow if the new arena is willing we are likely to go to our brand new home.”

“Anfield was excellent, every match Liverpool play in Anfield is an event and that sometimes is important,” he said.


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