Megan Anderson includes a massive fight coming up at UFC 232. She’therefore facing veteran Cat Zingano on Dec. 29 at Las Vegas, a struggle which has major consequences for the featherweight division.

However, while UFC 232 has to be a celebration and critical moment for the 145-pound division, Anderson has accepted the difficult reality. She told MMA Struggling she truly does not know where the division will go from here, despite these two highprofile conflicts on the docket.

“This division is up to now in the air at the moment, I’m only going struggle to struggle,” Anderson stated. “Because who knows what’s gont happen. ”

Anderson (8-3) is among the few authentic 145-pound fighters in the roster. A triumph there might have put up her for another date against Cyborg for the name, a bout she once booked for. However, if she beats Zingano, Anderson said she’s not really sure what that will mean.

Zingano and Nunes are bantamweights moving up. Therefore was Holm, who has made it clear she anticipates that a future at 135 pounds where she may be the former winner. Anderson, who’s 6-foot-1 and has a tough weight reduction to 145 like Cyborg, does not have any prospect of dropping to bantamweight.

The remedy to this problem was allowed to be The Ultimate Fighter 28, that wrapped earlier this season. TUF 28 featured heavy-weights and women’therefore feather weight fighters. It seemed like the UFC, that doesn’t present official positions for the division, was finally getting serious about completing the 145-pound weight-class.

Back in Anderson’therefore opinion, that’s not exactly worked out how some thought. There are various “featherweights” from the season calling out bantamweights at the UFC to his or her next struggles. That has Anderson stopped up.

“I don’t even understand. If you would like to be at the UFC at 135 pounds, just f*cking come out and state it. Don’t even play this bullshit around, ‘Oh, I’ll struggle at 145 when they need me. ’ no, let’therefore be honest. You don’t even want to struggle at 145. This ’therefore instead of calling and simmer for battles at 145 pounds, you’r e now calling out people at 135 pounds. Like, in case you desired to struggle at that weight division, you’d be asking to struggle at that weight division. So, let’s be real . Therefore the entire purpose of this Ultimate Fighter for the 145-pound division was f*cking shit. Because not one of you desire to be there at this weight division. You only want to go down and thought it was an easy way in [to this UFC]. ”

Anderson, 28, said she’s not understanding the explanation that some fighters are committing not wanting to cut to 135 multiple days in a short span for TUF, because it wasn’t assumed to be 135-pound year old. TUF 28 was assumed to be for women’therefore feather-weights.

“The thing that disturbs me is that their reasons, like ‘Oh, I could ’t make weight at 135 pounds two or three times in five months ’” Anderson stated. What are you referring to? It’s nothing as you moved up to 145 because theyrsquo;re-doing a bantamweight season and also you couldn’t even cut weight. They weren’t even doing this at all. This was specially designed to construct the 145-pound division and this is what you get once you put bantamweights at annually, where they don’t want to struggle at that weight, they just wish to become at the UFC at 135. To be honest, that’s just what ’therefore happening. ”

Anderson said she doesn’t even think the UFC is serious about building the 145-pound division, both, since there was no news concerning the advertising registering the majority of the fighters out of this season. Anderson, an Australia native, ” she asked to struggle at UFC Adelaide against a few of the fighters coming from the show, however the UFC told that they didn’t even have a “suitable competition ” for that card.

“They ’d be signing people plus they’re not,” Anderson said, in response to the reason why she doesn’t think the UFC is trying to fill out the division. “This leaves some one like me at a really exciting location, because it’S-like, what exactly can I really do? I want to be at the UFC and I Wish to fight. I’m not one of those people that may drop to 145 pounds, though.

“Signal the feather-weights at Invicta. Sign the feather-weights which aren’t in Bellator. F*cking sign anyone. ”

Macy Chiasson acquired the TUF 28 season for women’therefore feather weight, defeating Pannie Kianzad with second-round submission at the TUF 28 Finale earlier this season. She’s an actual 145-pound fighter and even battled at 155 being an amateur. But she just has three ace fights, Anderson said, and it’therefore going to be hard to match up her with anyone in the event the division is this thin.

“How are you gonna build someone like her? ” Anderson stated. “You can’t throw up against some one like [Cyborg] or some thing like that. She’s 3-0. Would a commission sanction that struggle? The experience and number of conflicts is considerably different. What do you really do? ”

Anderson isn’t mad at the UFC necessarily. She wishes to struggle to the promotion and she’s grateful they stuck during a difficult time a year when she had to take out of this struggle with Cyborg. Anderson also believes that an problem with her division is that no one else is making the UFC want them, the way Ronda Rousey formerly did for all-women ’therefore fighters.

“I think that a major problem with the division, too, is no body wants to f*cking promote themselves,” Anderson stated. You have to play the game. It’s being it’s being in a position to be promotable. You can’t even expect an organization to market and build your brand once you aren’t even wiling to take action yourself. I feel like that is clearly a large issue at the division, too. You have to make people want to see you struggle. You have to make yourself interesting, you have to create yourself stand out. In case you don’t even want to accomplish that, then you’r e gonna become put aside and you’re not gont find the chances. ”

Anderson does not have any idea what the future provides after UFC 232. She knows is a great showing against Zingano will only help her cause.

“We have just like three people from the greatest Fighter season wanting to have battles at 135 pounds,” Anderson stated. “Therefore I don’t have any idea what theyrsquo;re doing. Anything happens after that, happens next and we’ll come to this. Really that is dependent on my operation on Dec. 2-9. ”


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